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Online Self Help Groups

This past couple of years have really hit people hard, the true effects are still surfacing for some as we head back to ‘normal’. Anxiety, depression and suicides have reached an all time high. Isolation, fear, loss of work and basic rights has taken its toll on our Mental/Emotional health.

Many small businesses like my own who are driven to be of service to others, have moved everything online so that we can continue to help navigate the mental and physical discord. Never before has there been such a need for our services and the opportunity to join groups with like minded communities coming together to support each other.

With this in mind we have moved our weekly groups online.

If you would like to connect with a supportive community, work through any issues that may be presenting, relieve the isolation blues and raise your vibration with laughter. Then why not come along and join us?

We gather online every Friday at 6pm UK time.

All our groups rotate so that each group falls once a month. They rotate in this order….

  1. Meditation Group
  2. Soul Journey Group
  3. Manifestation Group
  4. E.F.T. Tapping Group

In our groups we take time to listen to each other, deep dive into any underlying issues and hold space for healing.

Places are limited to 9 people, so booking is essential to retain your place. On booking you will receive a unique code to allow you access to the event. We have set a minimum price at £8.88, however anything above that is greatly appreciated also.

For further information please look out for our scheduled events on Face Book here:

Or, please feel free to message Maria using the form below.

We look forward to being of service and meeting you in our sacred space very soon.

Many Blessings.

Maria. <3

1 to 1 Sessions in Keighly

Pleased to say that I have been given the opportunity to work again from my friends stunning farm house in Keighly. We we held the most magical workshop on ‘Connecting to your Drum’, plus other Shamanic work here before I moved abroad. It feels like coming home to be back there.

This month I will be available from the 27th June – 1st July.

Please ensure to make an appointment, as you may not be able to see me, and it would be a shame not to meet you.

I will be available for 1-1 Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Medicine Card Guidance and Drum Journeys, either as a private session or in a group, so please invite your friends and lets have a gathering.

Bookings now being taken. This is a week long event where you drop in by appointment either for a group or 1-1 meeting. To book please contact Maria directly via

Or, Call or Text Maria on: 07988518504


Maria. <3

Are You Worthy?

Message from nature

Sat here surrounded by Horse nation and the winged ones, mainly Crow, the speaker of truths.

Here is what they have to say today…

Why do you undervalue yourself so much? Others, less qualified, experienced and wise, become successful by believing in themselves and the benefits of their gifts.

You don’t see a Lawyer offering 20% discount to all new clients in May, yet, you could have put yourself through law school with all your training and equipment, needed to do your work.

Yes, there will be competition, but again, do you see the lawyers bothered about that?

Most of the people who will seek you out can afford to pay what you are worth, and those that claim they can’t could maybe cut back on a bottle of wine or two if they are serious about their health.

What do you love doing? And, What do people ask for the most?

How many lives have you changed for the better? Stop staying small and thinking others are better in some way, you all have unique gifts to offer, and no one is better than anyone else.

Remember, you are a way shower, a conduit for change, a soother of souls and a vessel for healing. You are more valuable than you realise, especially now.

So stand tall like the tree, shake your mane and run free. Shake off the weight of self doubt, and fly high so that your light shines for all to see.

Shake off the fear of not surviving, those who need you will find you, and those who condemn you will soon want to collaborate.

Gifts from nature after our communication.


Stay mindful, be at peace, you are loved more than you know. ❤

Mitakuye Oyasin. Namaste. Blessings. Maria Wind Talker