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Sound Bath Healing.

Reposting this from 2013, as I feel we could all use the benefits of this practice right now. <3

Maria Wind Talker


Here is a little exorcise in Sound Healing that you can do for yourself in the privacy of your own home it will raise your vibration, connect you to source and revitalise your energy, healing at a cellular level.  Great to do prior to Meditation or any healing/spiritual practices.

* In a bath, put some sea salt and fresh or dried lavender, (or whatever else you feel drawn to, Rose petals are great too) light some candles and focus on your breathing, taking deep cleansing breaths.

(Try it floating in the sea for an even more profound experience)


* When you are focused and ready, lay down in the bath so that only your eyes, nose and mouth are protruding outside of the water (Make sure your ears are under water)

* Become aware of the rhythm of the water, your heart beat, your breath.

* Now, totally empty…

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