Toxic Cord Removal – CHRISTMAS SPECIAL OFFER from 1st December- 28th February.


‘Ever feel like you are on an elastic band pulling your mind and emotions into the past, and no matter how hard you try, you can not seem to move forward??’

Then it is time to consider ‘Removing Toxic Cords‘ that hold you back.

What are they? Toxic cords are Energetic Threads that connect to us to all we encounter on a daily basis. Anyone we speak to from the bus driver to the kiosk assistant creates an energetic connection,which amplifies each time you meet or speak. However, the main cause of Toxic cords are generally created by the people we care about. Anytime we have an emotional connection to another, then cosmic energy is built between them. This connection is like a communication highway, where thoughts, feelings and emotions are carried between them both.  When a relationship ends the cords remain and keeps you ‘locked in’ emotionally, in affect holding you prisoner to unhealthy emotions, which long term can lead to other issues.

Mostly, people are not consciously aware of (for example) why after 5yrs they are still angry at their ex, even though they are happily remarried etc.  You may have had the experience of being consciously aware of the psychic or Empathic connection with a loved one, in some form or another.  Maybe you felt your partners pain if they hurt themselves or just knew something was wrong? Or felt the Anxiety from your Dog as you are about to leave the house? Or heard your new baby awake 30 seconds before they did?…

Or, you may have felt that punch like feeling in your stomach, or like someone walked over your grave shudder down your back?  It could be a positive thing or not so, usually not so good, hence the discomfort.

Even though someone may have been out of your life and had no contact in years, you are still in contact energetically, until you make a conscious decision to let them go by removing the connections.  If you leave this network open, then you will replay scenes in your mind an be emotionally triggered, for years to come.

Removing these Toxic Cords is a vital part of maintaining your over all health as it affects your whole being and ultimately has the power to transform ; Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually.

  • Sessions held via Skype, Messenger, or in Person – Gift Vouchers Available.

The Process

Maria will guide you through a meditation technique to remove all cords.  Afterwards she will guide you through a clearing, healing and protection process, with the silver violet flame.  You will be given advice on after care and a follow up contact a few days later.

It can be quite an emotional process for some people, However, it is always very empowering and liberating.

Many Blessings.


Contact Maria for more information or to book an appointment on:

T: 99263623



Or via the form below.

Energy exchange: 30 euros

*Payments accepted by PayPal or Bank transfer


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