A photograph to me is a moment captured in time for ever.

Just a brief moment in our planetary history that can be shared for generations to come.  When we look back through our lives it is the ‘special moments’ we recall that bring us the most joy. The smile on a child’s face when they first see a puppy or that tree where you had a romantic picnic, there are countless scenarios that are but a mere flash in our inner photo album.

My personal interest is in Nature photography, especially Pareidolia (images of animals, faces, or objects in cloud formations) Eventually I would like to expand into Indigenous peoples and document their way of life, and how they live in uni-sence with nature.

Thank you Kami for sharing this video, great Synchronicity <3

Over the past few years friends have commented on how I should get some of my pictures on canvas, procrastination being my Achilles heel, this time around when people have commented, I am actually listening!

So am currently looking into that, costings and taking a Photography course :)

I will post a series of pictures over the next week or so to gage peoples responses and interest in owning a piece or two. 

The sale of the pictures will go towards purchasing a real camera, as I currently use my mobile phone!

Am also thinking maybe posters or postcards?

If anyone has any other suggestions please message me below.

Thank you

Mitakuye Oyasin

Wind Talker <3

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