Bear Heart

*This page is dedicated to Grandfather Bear Heart, in deep Gratitude, Respect and Honour, for all that he and his family brought to me personally, and to the world*



Grandfather Bear Heart Shares Healing Wisdom

Words of Wisdom from ‘The Wind is My Mother’

“The white of snow represents purity, and when snow comes we say it covers your path. If you have had difficulties in your life, all that’s covered up – you begin to feel good and sound again, and you can make new tracks.”


“Live hopefully. It does not matter what happens, what your circumstances are, you have something to connect with. When you yourself cannot solve a problem, there’s a problem-solver available – lie down on this Mother Earth, she’ll caress you. She still gives you energy, and she still says, “Look up to the Creator. Talk to Him, pour your heart out. The answer will come.”


“When the sun goes down in the West, it’s the benediction of another day. At the end of each day, stand facing West and say, ‘Thank you for all the things that happened today, the good as well as the bad.’ Why be grateful for the bad? Because there was a lesson in it. Try to find that lesson and grow from it. If you let difficulties bother you all the time, you’re building a wall around yourself. Happiness is on the other side and inside is misery.”


“We didn’t spend one hour Sunday morning in a religious situation—we spent each day in acknowledgement that every day was a holy day, a sacred day. We have a song we sing in the morning that says, “I thank You for another day. I ask that You give me the strength to walk worthily this day so that when I lie down at night I will not be ashamed.” It’s a song that came to us long before the missionaries.”

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~ Grandfather Bear Heart,  The Wind Is My Mother

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