Energetic Opportunities

  • A message I received prior to the full moon on August 6th 2017

Message from Running deer – 4/8/17

All my relations take nothing personally during these times, energy waves are affecting your DNA, your physical and emotional bodies, changes are taking place now as we enter a new phase of evolution. Some people may act crazy or even go crazy, some may choose to leave the planet, whereas others may suddenly become enlightened.

There may be much confusion and heads may clash but Stay centred, stay calm, let go of all that no longer serves you…Forgive.

Prepare your body and mind by removing all toxicity from your diet, eat healthy, and avoid red meats, caffeine, dairy and refined sugars. Eat and drink from only pure untampered sources to nourish your soul this is highly important for the integration of these energies and for you to evolve and heal personally and collectively as a species.

These energies may have already been felt by those you that you call empaths over the past weeks as the portal of the Lion has been slowly opening I implore you to please take care as there will be many accidents during this period and four weeks past the 8.8 portal.

Minds will easily wander as ‘normal’ brain wave activity is being rewired to accommodate the new energies, things that were of importance to you will hold no value anymore, as you begin to realign with the natural rhythms of life and the universal laws of nature. It is wise to sit in quiet contemplation as much as possible, connect with creator and your personal helpers for assistance with assimilating the energies into your being. You are not alone, you are not losing your mind, and you are remembering your true soul’s purpose. Your earthly mission on our sacred planet is being re encoded.

The energies are bringing healing at a cellular level, clearing ancestral trauma, sending light into the darkest of places which for some will be uncomfortable and resistance will present itself in many ways, like the head of a snake hissing and spitting at everyone and everything. Anger, Fear and Doubt may arise as well as new illnesses or old injuries may flare up., you may find yourself in conflict with self and others. Recognise this is a clearing, a healing process and simply allow without questioning, and will pass swiftly.

Step into the vortex of possibilities and draw on the magical powers of creation that is available to you now. Listen, the ancestors are here to show the way.

This time will not present itself in this way for many moons to come, this is your time, it is time to embrace the changes and step up to the plate, to collectively ensure a healthy future for the next 7 generations.. it is time for community thinking, living and being.

Ask yourself these questions: Where am I not being true to my authentic self? How can I be of service to the whole? What is my current life mission? Sit with these questions, your allies will help you find the answers.

Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with others and be gentle with our mother earth.

Give thanks daily.

May you always walk in beauty, and come to every living being in a good way.

A’HO…Mitakuye Oyasin.

Running Deer.


Copyright @Maria Wind Talker -Bear Foot Holistics 2017


The 8:8:8 Lions Gate Activation



Integrating the Cosmic Light Codes of Awakening with the 8-8 Gateway!

The 888 Lions Gate Activation

Every year on August 8th, there is a cosmic alignment called “the Lions Gateway”. The Lions Gate is when Earth metaphysically and maybe physically, aligns with the Centre of the Galaxy opening a cosmic portal between the physical and spiritual realms.

It’s called the Lions Gate, or Lions Gateway because it occurs in the astrological sign of Leo (the Lion). Leo represents the individual expression of the Divine, and the Lions Gateway energy is all about more fully awakening each of our unique Divine Light within our physical form.

This gateway creates an incredible period of accelerated ascension… This year, it’s supercharged… And the Lions Gate energy of accelerated ascension energy from the Central Galaxy is already here!

What Am I Talking About?

Increased waves of light and codes of awakened consciousness are streaming onto the planet now, through the Sun and directly from Spirit. This increased light, and accelerated ascension energy is causing huge life altering changes to unfold in one way or another for just about everyone now.

Big things like relationships, career changes, life purpose, health, home, travel, soul work, letting go of material things (and a few other themes too) are highlighted now… Everything is up for review now, the big question being does it serve your Authentic Truth? Is it in alignment with love and with your soul growth and ascension? … Don’t be surprised if something, or everything in your life seems to be in flux now.

Ultimately, these changes we’re each going through in our own unique way serve to align us more fully with our authentic truth, and with the next level of love and light that we can experience in our lives.

However, I’m sure you already know that change isn’t always easy. It can be frightening not knowing what is going to happen, and what is next for you, especially when things seem to be crumbling and falling away on both an individual and collective scale.

What Is the Angels Message Regarding the Lions Gateway?

The angels message for us around this time is to trust. Keep returning to a vibration of love, releasing fear and uncertainty and staying focused on what you ultimately want. Keep in mind you are a spiritual being in physical form, and any shifts and changes happening now, are serving to align you with more of your soul power, spiritual truth, and with what will bring you increased joy, love, opportunity, and possibility.


Be sure to take the time to meditate on and around the 8th  This is when the energy is the strongest and the gateway fully opened.

Envision light from above streaming in, activating your higher chakras, and pouring into your crown chakra to fully illuminate the true brilliance of your Divine Light,  and awakened consciousness you have always carried within.

Now is the time to step into a higher vibrational experience of Love… Both personally and collectively. It’s about transcending limitations and transitioning from the density of the physical realm into the new paradigm of crystalline consciousness, being, and light.

The energy is triggering a new harmonic alignment, and a deep balance between the wisdom of the heart, mind, and spirit. Ultimately when the heart and mind unite as one, centred in Divine Love and in harmony with your authentic truth, you’re able to step into living in the new paradigm.

The new paradigm is here, the energy is here… And now it’s simply a matter of shining your inner Divine light so brightly and purely that the mirror of the outside world around you cannot help but to reflect, align with, and mirror the full extent of the awakened love you’ve always carried within.

Part of this is more fully realizing what you really want. What your heart and soul calls out for and where in your life is out of alignment with this your True and Authentic Soul intention.

Be willing to love yourself… Honour the stirrings of your heart and step into the doors of new possibility which are opening before you. Let fear, doubt, and uncertainty fall behind you stay focused on what you LOVE, boldly and confidently stepping forward into living more authentically in alignment with your Truth.

This gateway is about turning a page, it’s about ascending, reaching a new level of Love and Light and stepping into greater harmony and alignment with the Truth that you are One with the Divine, One with All, and that you can have and be anything you truly desire.

You can have and be Radiant Light and Infinite Love.

Open your heart, mind, and spirit to receive this wave of light, codes of consciousness, and energy of ascension that is supporting you in progressing rapidly now into Peace, Freedom, and the highest vibration of authentic expression of your unique gifts, your unique energy, and your highest light which is essential, and plays an integral role in the ascension of all.

Trust. Stay positive. Open your heart, release fear, and step into the light which will continue to appear before you one step at a time.

This is uncharted territory, however, there are truly incredible blessings of the Divine which awaits you.



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