Shamanic Soul Retrieval



Soul retrieval helps to mend the past and heal the future.


Symptoms of Soul Loss

  1. Have you been feeling or thinking that something is missing in your life?

2. Or that you do not feel whole or feeling empty inside? 

3. Have you been diagnosed with Depression or Anxiety? 

4. Do you get angry easily?

5. Or feel like others do not ‘Get You’?

6. Do you have a degenerative or stress related illness?

7. Have you tried other therapies that seemed to help for a little while?

8. Have you had a near death experience?

9. Do you feel Broken?

10. Are you repeating patterns and can not seem to stop?

 If you have answered YES to 1 or more of these then, you may be suffering from ‘Soul Loss’.


What causes Soul Loss?

Soul Loss mostly occurs in instances of illness, anxiety/stress, shock or trauma.  The soul can fracture and break away to avoid the pain, or can be repressed in the subconscious mind.  

These soul splinters carry part of our essence, our will power and can leave us feeling helpless.  Returning a soul part restores that part of our essence or ‘ability’ that has been missing, it heightens self awareness and self confidence.  Strengthening our energy on all levels and brings about a kind of rebirth into self. 

I have found it particularly helpful with P.T.S.D. patients.


Soul Retrieval Process.

After a free initial Telephone or Skype consultation, I will Journey to ask permission to work with you and ask for any special requirements.  Once confirmation is given, we will arrange a suitable time and date for the Soul Retrieval to take place, either in person or remotely depending on location.

Once I have located the soul part/s, they are replaced back into the clients body along with a power animal. Sometimes plant medicine is brought back for the client to work with too.

There will be homework to do for at least 4 weeks afterwards, this ensures that the soul part and power animal remain with you. 

In some instances more than one soul part is brought back, other times only one part.  It all depends on how many splinters there are, how ready you are to heal, and willing to step back into your power.

*Soul Retrieval works just the same for animals as it does with people, however, because animals have little or no resistance to the healing process, they seem to heal much quicker.

Read an example of this here: Teddy Bears Story


We are also offer Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval at The Tree of Life Centre – *by appointment only.

Tree of life centre

If you would like to find out more, or book a appointment, please contact me below.

Mitakuye Oyasin.

Maria Wind Talker


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