Workshops, Groups & Training.


My passion is teaching, I love to see people heal and grow, to step into their power and make positive changes.

We offer various one day workshops, from self development to training.

As we like to offer everyone value for money our workshops are packed with content and are fully interactive, which can sometimes lead to classes running on past the allocated time.  Also, we offer limited half price places, making them available to all, please contact me for details about this.

We also offer out door ceremonies from time to time on short notice (weather depending) so watch out for those.


NEW* Transforming the Mask – On this workshop we will look at the masks that we wear and why we wear them

Ancestral healing –  Many of our traits, fears, phobias, habits, illnesses are carried forward through our DNA.   In this workshop we will learn how to heal the past, repair our DNA and harness the wisdom of our ancestors.

Conscious Awakening – Are you awake? are you conscious of your awakening or the global awakening and your part in it? This workshop digs deep into our programmed minds and offers a new way of being.

Introduction to Shamanism – Learn about Shamanism and how it can help you and your loved ones. Meet your power animal and experience a Shamanic journey.

Connecting to your Drum – This workshop is for anyone that has birthed their own drum or who has bought one and wishes to learn how to connect and play it either for pleasure or to facilitate a healing journey.


Reiki Attunements – levels 1,2, masters – Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that reduces stress and aids relaxation while enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities.  Read more …

Munay Ki Initiation Rites Munay-Ki is the key to taking a quantum leap in species evolution, offering the potential to complete within one lifetime a process of evolution that would otherwise take many, many generations. Read more…

The Rite of the Womb – The 13th Munay Ki Rite. This is a stand alone rite brought to us by the medicine women of the jungle. Read More: Rite of theWomb


 Shamanic Journey Group Take a journey into the Shamanic realms, meet your power animal/s, allies and wisdom keepers.  Receive healing and a deeper understanding of your self and your gifts.

    Meditation Group – Guided meditation to help heal, connect to your inner calm, meet your guides and gain clarity.

    Manifestation Group – Joining hearts and minds to push through barriers to our goals.

   Reiki Share – Open to all levels of practitioner. Great way to hone your skills, give & receive healing and share any queries. 


Please contact Maria below for further information.

We look forward to co creating with you.