Animal Communication & Healing

What is Animal Communication?

toby This is Toby, a handsome Mastiff,  that I communicated with in Albuquerque in 2012, such a gentle soul.

Animal communication allows the animal to have a voice, to share its emotional state and recall any past events that may have caused them stress. The information is relayed back to the healer, telepathically.  Communicating in this way helps to build trust with the healer prior to healing and maintain it during.

What is Animal Healing?   

As with people, animal healing incorporates various types of non invasive traditional Holistic treatments, such as; Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, E.F.T and Herbal Remedies. 

During a session I may also bring in Crystal energies, sound healing and various Shamanic tools such as feathers and sage.

All of which can aid a wide range of physical and emotional conditions, separately and combined to suit the animals specific needs.

It also works very well alongside manual therapies such as physiotherapy and is beneficial in conjunction with most on going veterinary treatment. (conditions apply)

lilly This is Lilly in Albuquerque, a beautiful Wolf hybrid that surprised everyone by accepting me within 5 minutes of me arriving, when she came for a belly rub and healing.

How can it help?
Animal healing is beneficial for most chronic or acute conditions, injuries and emotional or physical illnesses.  It also works very well in resolving behavioural problems, which can be of great benefit with training.

How does healing work?
Our body’s are made up of energy, vibrating at specific frequencies which the body uses to maintain optimum health.

Due to the effects of domestication and environmental stress, when an animal is injured or dis-eased they often struggle with utilising their own natural healing processes.

When this happens, the ‘trauma’ from the illness or injury becomes stored within the body as an energetic blockage, disrupting the healthy flow of energetic frequencies, preventing the animal from returning to its normal balanced healthy state known as‘homoeostasis’.

In some cases, repeated trauma can lead to chronic dis-ease and a general lack of well being.

When healing energy is offered to the animal, it enables the body to rebalance its vibrational frequencies and increase its natural healing energy resources.

Healing allows the trauma to disperse and assists in speeding up the recovery from illness, wounds and operation sites. Which in turn saving time,money and reduces further stress to the animal.

It is particularly useful for animals that have to be confined, for example, in kennels, or within a cage for recuperation or travel as the healing promotes a deep relaxation within the animal.

Healing also provides the support for animals to process and release emotional trauma that can be caused by fear, anxiety, stress or separation.


An animals natural state is to be ever-present in the moment, however, Anxiety/Fear as with humans, creates an internal loop which intensifies if left unaddressed. Despite the adaptability of many of our domesticated breeds, each breed of animal has its own instinctual behaviours carried down through its ancestral DNA line.

Unfortunately, the domestication process can leave our pets confused as to their place in the pack, which can lead to loss of identity, anxiety and stress, with none of it’s natural ways of dealing with the problem.

In domestication, animals cannot behave in their natural way and so they have to adapt and often compensate by absorbing stress within their bodies, not only their own but that of their human/s too.

Over time, unresolved stress can lead to behavioural difficulties, such as defensiveness, nervousness, aggression, over excitability or withdrawal.

In the same way as it works for injury and illness, healing allows the animal to let go of unresolved stress and return to a balanced state.

Highly strung dogs for example are notoriously difficult to train due to their complex Anxiety issues.  Healing in conjunction with re training  allows the animal to learn new responses which will help it to cope.

One of the biggest parts of the animals healing process, can be resolved through the healing and retraining of their human care takers.  This is a vital key to to bringing good health and harmony for you and your pet.

Healing is also very beneficial in bringing peace for animals about to pass on. As it is also for  humans at the bereavement of a much loved family pet.

What do I do?  As an Intuitive healer, I am able to speak to your pet telepathically and connect to them on an emotional and energetic level. This is where the healing can begin.  Once I have connected and assessed the situation a course of action will be put in place. Some cases may only require a course of Reiki treatments, others may also require a Soul retrieval or a herbal remedy.  Each case is different.

When I connect with your pet, I detect any energetic, emotional and physical blockages within the energy body, blockages are cleared and healing can then take place at a cellular level.

It works in much the same way as with Humans.

How do animals react to  healing?  During a healing session, the animal may go into a deep state of relaxation and afterwards it may sleep more than usual, as its body let’s go of trauma. It is vital that you provide plenty of a available fresh water for them afterwards, as they will drink more than usual to speed up the detoxification process.

Most animals go into a state of deep relaxation. They may yawn, or twitch, they may even stretch.  However, it is not uncommon for them to move around and some will be restless as they release stored up tensions.

spike This is Spike, a mischievous Kitty who stole my heart. As you can see he is totally relaxed while absorbing the energy.

Do they have to be present?

In a nut shell, No.   The beauty of traditional healing methods is that they can be provided just as effectively through, distance healing. Which of course, makes it accessible world wide.

Face to Paw treatments however, are always preferred where possible, as I get to pet them in real time. :)

*  Please note, a veterinary diagnosis may also be advised on initial consultation. 

Animal healing should never be used as a substitute for veterinary care. If your pet has been injured or is unwell, it should receive immediate veterinary attention.

If you have any further questions, or would like to book a free consultation then please contact me using the the form below.

I look forward to being of service.


Maria Wind Talker




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