Bespoke Gifts & Shamanic Tools

Bespoke gifts/Shamanic tools. Hand crafted with love.

All forms of art carries within its creation a part of the artists soul, each piece lasting for generations to enjoy. In honour of the traditions that have inspired my work, I aim to do my part in keeping some of them alive.

Each item is unique and some are total one off’s, all made with loving intent.


Available Items

13″ Smudge Feather – €20

My latest creation. 13″ Feather Smudger from Olive wood, with quartz crystals for Clarity, clear seeing. The feathers are from Black head Gulls that I collected in the UK. Gull teaches us responsible behaviour and how to read people more effectively, to understand the subtleties of reading between the lines. They hold knowledge of the techniques of psychological communication and how to work in other dimensions.

 Lions Gate Portal eathers on canvass – 25eu




Here are a few examples of previous orders of Smudge/Prayer feathers, talking sticks, Gratitude Beads, Necklaces, Totem Animal Plaques and healing wands.


The message with this talking stick is: ‘See beyond the cracks, look deeper with clarity and listen to the whispers of your Soul’












Each piece is created with love and gratitude to the tree, feather, crystal or animal for its offering, and calling forth the specific energy required for whom it is going to..

I have a huge collection of feathers covering most peoples requests, so why not treat yourself or a loved one to a feather smudger, talking stick or prayer feather imbued with the essence of one of your power animals.


For all enquiries please contact me below with specific requirements.

Thank you.


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