Sound and Senses

Greetings all my relations.

When we speak of holistic Healing we speak of the whole spectrum of our beings.  We work on bringing balance to the whole person or animal or situation presented to us.

If you have an open wound for example and you simple put a plaster on it without first cleaning it out and applying some kind of antiseptic to it, then, yes it will heal over, but, it will trap all the infection in and cause more problems than it solves.

So it is with healing one selves, weather that be from a physical illness, mental, emotional or spiritual. To work on either individually will only bring temporary relief.

Today I find myself thinking about sounds a lot.  Having worked with Rock and Indie bands in the past, I have a keen ear and music to me is food for the soul.

I was thinking about how important sound is, music for example can transport us whole heartedly back to a memory, engaging all our senses.  As you go there to that memory you are reinforcing the energy that holds you to it.  Like watering a seed you planted, the more you recall it the stronger it gets…A sad song for example will remind you of a darker time in your life and likewise, with happy memories. 

Where we Focus our thoughts and beliefs has a massive hand in how quickly we heal.

Tip: with every sad song/memory that comes up for me, I try to remember a happy scene from that time and reprogram the memory.

So, back to sounds.

We use sound healing a lot within our practice, depending on what the clients needs are.  Various sound tools we use are: the drum, rattle, Singing Bowl, Tibetan Bells, Chanting, Toning, Whistling, Singing.

Within a sound wave holds the blueprint to existence, it is a vehicle for the soul to travel while awake within the body.

Let us choose our sound waves well and together we can heal our inner and outer worlds.

Q: What is your most favourite sound (not song)

Think about any that come to mind, heart, feel it in your body, soul, heart…narrow it down to one.
Mine is Laughter, it brings a sense of Peace, security, a clearing out of stagnant energy bringing healing and most importantly humility. It lifts our energy quicker than anything else (for me) and laughter shared brings about an openness and honesty, a vulnerability based on mutual trust.
Please share yours with us so we can all be uplifted. :)
Mitakuye Oyasin
MWT <3



Being of Service

Being a Hollow Bone for Creator to work through is not a ‘Life Choice’ career.

The path is fraught with all your worst nightmares, hidden fears and your own personal inner Demons.

Your whole ideology of the world is shattered more and more, through the people you meet along the way and the experiences you encounter.  Each person reflecting back to you a part of self ready to be seen.

Freak illnesses and, accidents may happen. Ridicule, self doubt, solitude and exclusion most definitely will occur at some point on the path.

However, when that one person sends feedback after a beautiful ‘remote’ soul release in Paris –

Read more about Soul Release here Psychopomp’,

Well, it makes everything we have worked for worth it, to know that what we do here, really does make a positive difference to peoples lives. :)

‘Dear Maria,after 1 night I feel lighter! I have no issues to stand with my back to the corridor, which I couldn’t in a loooong time.  No more pointing in the corridor saying ‘Pappa’. I was a bit tense when night fell but I guess it was all the emotions.  Thanks again.  We are filling the space with lots of love, laughs, smiles and Zen!’ – Melody.x

I tend to liken being ‘on the spiritual path‘ to ‘Giving Birth‘ – ‘In moments of Joy we loose all sense of pain’. – MWT

It goes a bit like this…Love, Pleasure, Joy, Pain, Fear,Depression, Satisfaction, Fulfilment, Joy,  Gratitude… Love, Pleasure, Joy, Pain, Fear, Depression, Satisfaction, Fulfilment, Joy, Gratitude…:)

So, all my relations.  Take heart, if you have a gift share it, remember, the rewards outweigh the difficulties by far, and, by raising the vibration in one person, we raise the vibration on the planet in countless ways.


We are ever grateful to all the people and animals that we have held space for over the years, it is an honour to be of service.

Mitakuye Oyasin



MWT <3