Munay-Ki Initiation Courses

Munay-Ki courses are offered in groups and individually.

The rites of the Munay-Ki are based on initiatory practices of the Inka and pre-Inka shamans of the Andes and the Amazon .

Due to the power of the rites we believe it is preferable to receive the nine rites over a period of time in order to allow for integration.

To help more people afford to receive the rites for their own healing and development, we are now offering the first eight rites across two or three ceremonies for an energetic exchange/donation per ceremony, in accordance with the Andean tradition of ayni (reciprocation).                                                            

(Note  – All the rites are given free and the donation is to cover the mentors time and expenses.) Please discuss with your mentor the best way to proceed with this energetic process.

For those suited to this work, a final ceremony may then be offered after the first eight rites are gifted, to receive the ninth rite and to learn to gift the rites to others.  Not everyone may initially want to go on to share the rites and be a mentor to others, also, as caretakers of this ancient knowledge, great care must be given as to who receives the creator Rite.

At the first ceremony you will receive information on each of the 9 rites explaining what the rites mean and how to develop them within you to their fullest potential.  You will also receive  an audio  CD of the meditations that assist the process.

The following ceremonies are offered in West Yorkshire.

Ceremony 1 – Foundation Rites 1, 2, 3 and 4 – The Healer’s, Bands of Power, Seer and Harmony Rite.  

Ceremony 2 – The Lineage Rites 5,  6  and 7  the  Day keeper’s, Wisdom keeper’s and Earth keepers and the first of ‘The Rites of the Time to Come’ Rite 8  The Star Keeper. 

During or after completing the first 8 rites you can discuss  with your mentor whether its appropriate to receive the final rite which is linked to the process of passing the rite to others.

The final ceremony/mentors workshop  is then offered for you to receive the 9th rite – The Creator –  and to learn how to give the rites to others so you can then pass on these processes. This would normally be a full day workshop, depending on group size.  for example it would run from 10-5pm .

At the 9th Rite, you will receive.

 ~ a mentors Pi Stone

 ~ a lineage certificate

 ~ a  training DVD for gifting the rites

 ~ all the materials you need to run your own ceremonies

 ~ a certificate of qualification as a Munay-Ki Mentor

This workshop is also open to anyone who has already received the first 8 rites from a different lineage but would like training in how to gift the rites or simply to refresh their practice.

Note –  all nine rites must be received, unpacked, germinated and then developed following the guidelines set out by your mentor  before a person may be ready to pass the rites onto others.

If you are totally new to Munay Ki it is recommended that you watch Alberto’s introductory Video here .

Further recommended reading – By Alberto Villoldo, ‘The four insights’ and ‘Shamen, Healer,  Sage’ and  ‘Mending the past and healing the future with soul retrieval’.

Summary of Materials

For those who attend the ceremonies to receive the first 8 rites, you will receive:-

A  CD containing information on :

How to engage the eco-sphere and opening and closing sacred space and personal soul space.

The Meditations for connecting with growing the rites,

The breathing practice.

For those who go on to receive the ninth rite and attend the mentors workshop: –

Courses also include the following.

– A lineage map

-A Pi stone

– ‘Certification as a Munay-Ki Mentor’

– Passwords to a Four Winds initiate’s website for access to all original written materials. and DVD’s

– A second  DVD – The Heros journey By Alberto Villoldo. An extended version of the two videos on this site, explaining about the Laika tribe of Peru and the history of the nine rites of the Munay-Ki,  and demonstrations on how to conduct a fire ceremony followed by how to give the rites.

 Attunements for gifting the rites where relevant.

A blank lineage certificates for your own protege

A blank mentor certificates for your own protege

Plus, ongoing support from your mentor, including quarterly peer support days with fire ceremony and online support via our closed private initiates facebook group.


We also offer the 13th Munay Ki RiteThe Rite of the Womb

For further information please contact us below.

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