Clinical Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is a proven technique that spans back hundreds of years and can be found under different terminology amongst most religeous practices.  By accessing the sub conscious mind we can make lasting changes in our lives, by breaking old thought patterns, behaviours and beliefs.


  • Do you need help and support to stop smoking or any other habit?
  • Is your life restricted by phobias, stress, anger or anxiety?
  • Do you set yourself goals and then struggle to achieve them?
  • Are there habits, feelings or thoughts that you wild like to change?
  • Do you need help with pain management?

If you are ready to make the change, then hypnotherapy may just be the help you need to achieve it.  As an experienced and qualified Hypntherapist with over a decade of experience, I can offer hypnotherapy to help you to stop smoking, manage weight, or deal with stress, anxiety, phobias, plus more.  Each persons requirements are different and a variety of techniques may be called upon to help you, alongside the clinical hypnosis, other therapies include, NLP, PLR, EFT, Reiki and life coaching.


Take that first step towards change today and unlock your potential.