Psychopomp – Entity Release


What is Psychopomp?

A psychopomp is a guide, whose primary function is to escort souls to the afterlife, however, they can also serve as guides through the various transitions of life.  The term originates from the Greek words pompos (conductor or guide) and psyche (breath, life, soul, or mind).

This is important work, not only for the stuck individuals, but also for our planet at this time. Our planet has not only accumulating an enormous amount of physical trash from our materialistic culture, but we have also amassed a great deal of psychic pollution.

The times are changing and today there is lots of talk about raising our personal vibration and transforming the planet, however, we also need to tend to the psychic or energetic space around us.  This includes looking after individuals who for whatever reason have gotten lost on their way to the other side.

Lost souls create negative or heavy energies, so without helping them over to the other side we can not fully raise the vibration on the planet, or within ourselves if they have taken residence in our homes or workplace.

Other common names include; House clearing, energy clearing, spirit release or spirit clearing.


We have over a decade of experience in this field, we termed it Entity Release, and feel that this area is one of the most rewarding of our work for many different reasons.  Below are the four main areas we work in, which all come under the Umbrella of Entity Release:



Portals/Lay Lines

Entity release is called for if you feel that you may have spirit activity within your home or work place.  Our job is to help spirit that are lost and stuck in between worlds to return home and be re-united with their loved ones, where they can be healed and released from their torment.

There are different levels or densities of Energy: some are much darker than others and these types of energy/entity are the ones that people most associate with, as they can wreak havoc of varying degrees.  These are more commonly known as ‘Ghost’ or ‘Poltergeist’ activity.

Some types of energy/entities ‘attach’ physically to people, usually attaching onto their backs at the head and along the spine.  This may cause headaches, back pain, depression and numerous other complaints, the more advanced ones leading to suicidal thoughts.

‘Like attracts like’ and if a person is emotionally low or depressed, then a denser energy will be attracted to them.  The attachment then draws on the person’s energy, creating negative thought patterns, depression, lethargy, anxiety, and creating general disruption within their life.


Portals are gateways that usually come in pairs with an entry point and an exit point; these are usually found along Lay Lines.  Unfortunately, sometimes homes are built on top of these lay lines.  I see Lay lines as a kind of ‘conveyor belt’ on which spirit travel around ‘in-between’ worlds.  A constant stream of traffic appears to travel through these portals and so it may seem that you have quite a few ‘visitors’.  They are mainly just passing through, though their presence is often felt.  The portals can easily be moved to a different location where they will not create any disturbances.

A common misconception is that these spirits are here to harm us.  However, this is not the case; they are mostly asking for help in the only way that they can.  Most are little old lady type energies, full of love, just confused at their situation and longing for the love of their family.  Some are more tormented souls and act very much like a child throwing a tantrum for attention; these are commonly known as Poltergeist.

People tend to fear the words: ‘Ghost, Spirit and Entity.’  This is usually down to pre-conditioning from childhood.  Horror Movies and peers tales of the Wardrobe Monster, Ghouls and Demons, only serve to amplify these fears.

These ‘Demons’ are nothing more than (to put it briefly) a severely depressed and lost soul.  Who, with unconditional love and compassion, can be returned home where they can be healed and be restored to a lighter vibrational-energy.

Why do they get stuck?
There are many reasons, here are but a few:  Sudden Death, Accidental Suicide/Suicide, Murder, Non Acceptance of their demise, unfinished business, a desire to watch over loved ones, or simply not wanting to let go of their Earthly attachments, i.e. Home, family etc. which may have significant sentimental value to them.

Indication of Activity

A room temperature change, usually cold, strange smells, objects being moved, pets acting oddly, appliances turning on/off on there own, children being afraid to sleep or talking to imaginary friends, feeling like you are being watched, erratic mood swings, unusual thoughts or feelings, arguments with spouse or siblings, suicidal thoughts, bangs or unusual noises, Some people say that it feels like, ‘You could cut the atmosphere with a knife’.

The Procedure

After an initial consultation with the client, the procedure and prep work required will be explained fully and a date & time to help return the spirit home, will be arranged that is suitable to all. (they are carried out remotely)

Clearings can take up to a week of daily work before they can be passed over safely, depending on what type of energy is in there.  Portals and attachments can generally be cleared the same day.  Once clear, the house is filled  with positive, pure energy and protection placed around the home.  Instructions will be given on how to keep the energies clear in the future.

**This work is undertaken with love and respect; it is not an Exorcism as some people refer to it.

If you feel you may have Spirit activity within your home or work place, please contact us below.



‘It is important to know that every single human being, from the moment of birth until the moment when we make the transition and end this physical existence, is in the presence of guides or guardian angels who will wait for us and help us in the transition from life to life after death’.

– Elisabeth Kübler-Ross