Remembering our Lives to Become Ourselves.

By – Jen Engles – Smith


I have trained myself to elicit guidance from the spiritual realms as a daily occurrence.   I usually do this by going into a shamanic journey and asking the question, “What action would you like me to take today?”  A shamanic journey is an altered state of awareness that is induced with some sort of sonic instrument.  I like to use a recording of drums using earphones to block out all other ambient noise. I cover my eyes to create total darkness and I move energetically into the invisible realms where my unseen spiritual companions reside.  I commune with them.  They are part of my family and I interact with them naturally and with ease.  I believe these allies are part of all existence and their mission is to help humans have an easier time of life.  They offer guidance, direction, protection and teachings.  Since they don’t have physical bodies themselves and we exist in a physical three-dimensional reality, they need humans to provide a vehicle for action.  For example, they may give the remedy for some type of illness but their human counterpart needs to take the action to bring this into the physical realm where it can be applied. This is a sacred relationship that people involved with shamanism or energy medicine understand and value.  For me this relationship is as sacred as my physical family and I nurture it and care for it like I do my most important physical relationships.  So just as I sit and visit with my husband each morning sharing ideas, dreams, tasks, and love, I do the same with my spiritual allies.  The information they give to me has molded my life in exquisite ways.  This information has a range that is vast and can be very basic with chop-wood-carry-water type of everyday needs or can be philosophical or conceptual and propel me into exemplary, mind-altering views of life and existence.

A couple of years ago a profound teaching came through from my meditation.  The spirits were telling me about the human condition.  In most cases humans view life from a narrow, miniscule container that holds the mind in restricted, confined, patterns of privation.  My teaching this day explained that the spirits and actually the cosmos view humans as elites. We experience life to work on high levels of understanding love. Humans are spiritual beings of the highest order that have incarnated to work on extremely difficult projects.  In fact it takes lifetimes upon lifetimes of advancement before a soul even qualifies to be human.  I was surprised at this information.  The spirits continued to expand my awareness and said that actually a soul will experience everything of the Earth before being human, and since the web of interdependence is so profoundly complete that a soul learns intimately about each other thing on the planet by being the other things on the planet.  For example, a soul might incarnate as a mineral, tree, and animal.  What did the soul “learn” from being these other lifetimes?  Each existence has value and adds to the understanding of existence and love. The point of this article is twofold.  First, to give the readers a way to pull wisdom up from their core that can aid in life.  Secondly, to help empower readers by valuing their existence and hoping that they will recognize that value.

As a teacher of shamanic principals and energy medicine I attempted to explain this information to my students and have them work with specific shamanic methods. I asked the spirits to choose some categories to where my students could journey and discover. I put the different categories on slips of paper and then put the slips of paper in a hat. There were eight categories.  I had about 80 students present.  Each person pulled a piece of paper that defined which group they would be involved with.  There were about ten people to a group. We later did other categories in repeating the exercise. Some of the categories were crystals, fish, trees, elephants, ants, butterflies, songbirds, trees, and rocks.

The students were instructed to merge with the essence of the category in their group. For example, if the category was a butterfly they were to remember what they learned when they were butterflies and how that information can service them in being a better human.   Another task was to let go of all the preconceived ideas of what they thought being a butterfly would offer them, such as on an intellectual level a person might perceive that being a butterfly would teach them about transformation or the value of cocooning.  Although useful, these preconceived ideas come out of knowledge or data not wisdom from their internal Akaskic records. They had to stretch themselves to better understand the significance of their prior incarnations.

A person’s internal Akaska holds all the wisdom of every lifetime ever lived. The merge allowed the journey to reveal the actually feelings of being a butterfly and what they were doing in that lifetime as well as what they learned. The results were often staggering.

One student said that being a butterfly taught her about directing light.  Their wings are directing the light coming down from the stars and sun and directing this light through portals. That’s when we learn how to direct light into our being using the resources of the universe and that we can then know how to use the light from the sun and stars to expand and nurture our chakras. As humans our chakras are often stagnant or full of congesting energies. Cleansing the chakras with light from the stars and sun is invigorating and creates health and vitality. Remembering how we did this when we were butterflies helps us be healthier humans. Also this remembering brings us closer to love and the heart connection to all things. It’s in the remembering that we’ll recall the lessons we learned about how to be a good human. Just being human will not be enough. It’s all the lessons we learned to get here.  Everyone holds this information within his or her internal Akaska and everyone has access to the information. 

A simple method to achieve this experience might begin with music. I like drumming because it induces an altered state of consciousness.  Cover your eyes and relax.  Hold the intention that you will remember and become whatever it is that you are interested in, such as a butterfly, a rock, or an elephant. If you find in your journey that you are struggling on the planet because of lack (dirty water, unclean air, poaching, etc.) you are still too involved in this three-dimensional reality and haven’t moved into the real truth of existence, which is pure love.  There are no negatives in the truth of creation. Ask to go deeper and transcend limitation or lack and move into the truth of that species. Notice your interactions with life and how you contribute through your existence to the divine whole of creation. Notice love that you feel and the interconnectedness to all. After you have sustained this for 10-20 minutes ask how this information can help you in your human condition.  Enjoy the process. It is beautiful.

Again, human are these advanced beings that are attempting to “be love” in the harshest of conditions. There is nothing easy about becoming. We must agree to “forget” or to store these memories in the depth of our being, so that remembering becomes a very directed and conscious decision.  The experience is like running a gauntlet.  With cleavers, hammers and dangerous objects swinging around from every direction, triumph can still be attained. 

A few days ago a student of mine that participated in this activity sent me this quote from Rumi.

I lived for hundreds of thousands of years as a mineral,

And then I died and was reborn as a plant.

I lived for hundreds of thousands of years as a plant,

And then died and was reborn as an animal.

I lived for hundreds of thousands of years as an animal,

And then died and was reborn as a human.

What have I ever lost by dying?

Rumi (version by Robert Bly)

In reading this and realizing that Rumi is a 13th century Persian poet who’s message and spiritual awareness is based in understanding love and the human condition, I was reminded of this incredible teaching from the spirits and the value it holds for all of us.  I share this with you so you also can expand and discover your magnificence.

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