Prayer Offerings

Tobacco is considered sacred in many Indigenous communities across the world.  During prayer and ceremony, tobacco is scattered on the ground as an offering to mother earth, in gratitude for all of her creations. Corn meal is also used in this way, while; cedar, sage and sweet grass, are burnt and prayers are carried upon the smoke to creator.

We see this concept echoed across many faiths, from the Tibetan prayer flags to Orthodox tying a handkerchief to a tree.

Prayer offerings are also left by foragers, hunter gatherers and creative folks collecting material from nature.  For example,I often take damaged branches to make into prayer feathers etc, and always give thanks to the tree,the water,the sun and mother nature for the gift.

Tobacco ties are generally made with a tiny piece of hide tied up with hair or sinew. They can be hung from a branch as an offering, or, emptied out direct onto mother earth.

Modern day ones tend to have ribbon or other non organic parts to them.

 I have been wanting to make some for while but keep forgetting to buy some thin hide. Then on Tuesday Spirit guided me to use some of the Oak Galls that I have collected.

Each gall has a tiny hole in it where the Gall Wasp burrows through. I made the holes bigger and filled them with tobacco.  They can be left on the ground, hung on a branch or broken open and the tobacco emptied onto the ground. 

Each one is unique and they are totally organic, bio degradable and cruelty free. .

There are 28 available at the moment.

I hope you like our take on prayer offerings. They make a unique gift for a special someone or for your own ceremony use.

6 for £2.70 or 50p each + pp


MWT <3

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