Freedom from Rejection

One of my old blog posts from 2012,very relevant today as we balance on the precipice of a new dawn. Its time to wake up, heal and come together. <3


Freedom from Rejection 23 .8. 2012 

The biggest obstacle I see among most light workers is Rejection.

We get it from the moment we start to show our nature, our true personalities and not those chosen for us by our Earthy caretakers, siblings, friends and colleagues. Most of us say things like,

‘I never fit in’ ‘Ive always been different’ ‘no one understands me’ ‘no one sees me’ ‘My family seem alien to me’. etc.

Each put down, betrayal, rejection, creating another layer of pain and confusion which ultimately leads to rejection of self, till we no longer ACCEPT or LOVE or BELIEVE in ourselves.

So we continue through life acting out a scene with memorized lines of self truth, which we parrot to others in the hope that they see the light behind that thick black layer of self doubt.

We share our light freely, joyfully, helping others to face their fears, help them heal and overcome their self doubts until they stand in their own power once again. Yet we still struggle, stuck in this space of the ‘wounded healer’.

We watch as those we helped go on to live the life of their dreams and feel nothing but pure joy for them, ecstatic in their lives being all that they hoped it to be. Which in turn also drip feeds that well hidden truth of our own hidden power and sparks a hint of recognition. Yet we shy away and count our own failures instead of our strengths. So relentless are we in our in our own Martyrdom.

Our one solace is that with each person we help, no matter how small that help may be, is, in some way a healing process for us also, unearthing a layer into the light of our Consciousness to be released. This may be the long road to regaining our true power but for some of us it’s the only way, at least for a while!

We chip chip chip away at the darkness, till one day we find that we are so tired of digging out flakes that seem to melt instantaneously and refreeze before the next wield of the pick.

So, exhausted and angry at ourselves for all that we missed out on, whilst chipping away, we put the pick down and take up the Axe! Breaking down those layers like a hot knife through butter! Revealing layer upon layer till we find that rotten seed, hidden away in the bowels of our own hell, that seed that infected our soul. We dig it out and see it for what it is, another’s seed and not our own!

Now, true healing can begin as light is shed into the recesses of our fears. We plant our own seeds and from within the soul we begin to grow, each day gathering momentum as the healing light feeds our dreams. Reflective selves begin to change and doorways open that once were closed or we wouldn’t have dared to step through before, friends are true and lovers remain. We stop focusing on our limitations and shoot for the stars. Hit or miss its all the same, no guilt or shame just pure love and celebration of being a part of the AIM (Action In Mind). Which is to experience all you can in life and to create from the heart that which is thought in mind.

Now is the time my dear brothers and sisters of great change, the universe is behind us all to make these changes as quickly and as painlessly as possible. The world needs spiritual teachers/leaders more than ever, its time to remember your mission here at this time on our beloved planet and remember that we are all magnificent creations of the universe, its time to unite and shine.


The video below will help you to move quickly through the layers.

3 thoughts on “Freedom from Rejection

  1. Just read this today for some reason, and it really rings true to me, very beautifully explained and rejection of myself is the biggest omen I have to overcome, today I found a seed and I wondered what it was about and now I know, love to you Maria xx

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