Teddy Bear’s Story

Teddy Bears story.

ted1 This is Teddy Bear, the brave and beautiful American Akita.

He is currently about a year and 4 months old, when I got him and brought him home he was like any other puppy! He got on with our other dog and our cats, I taught him the basics like sit and stay, and even how to shut doors! He was happy and very clever, my best friend.

Unfortunately when he was about 8 months old he ended up getting fleas, so I took him to our local vets and purchased a flea treatment called advantage 400.  We went home and applied the treatment which said it would take full effect within 48 hours. I thought it would make everything normal again but for some reason I had a bad feeling and tried to wash the treatment off, but it was too late and instead of sorting everything out it did the exact opposite!

After about 48 hours he was like this.


Exactly enough time for the treatment to kick in, his eyes were swollen and blue and he was squinting constantly, we immediately took him to a different vet.  When we arrived they told us it was just conjunctivitis, I was relieved as this meant it was only minor and easy to treat.

Once we got home it was clear that this wasn’t the case, within a few days he was very ill, he couldn’t see and he’d stand next to my bed, crying and looking very scared and in pain, I had no sleep for days due to worrying and I couldn’t as he would just cry all night.

I was angry because I knew the flea treatment had caused this. So I did a lot of research and pretty much proved that it was the flea treatment and so I looked for help elsewhere.

When we took him back to the Vet they told us that they thought he was suffering from U.V.O, a complicated disease that basically destroys their pigment cells. They gave him massive doses of steroids which I wasn’t too keen on but I didn’t know any better, within weeks he looked worse than he ever had before.


He was very lethargic, no energy whatsoever, his nose literally fell off, he was just not the same dog. I then came across holistic healing and found holistic vets close by.  Here they confirmed what he had and pointed me in the right direction and gave me some medication, because of financial issues they agreed to let me pay it off in bits, after a few weeks or so, he was doing a little bit better but he needed more help. I made an appointment, then they told me that they wouldn’t be able to see me until I had paid the last lot of treatment off.

When I look back at this moment, I am glad it happened. Because it was this that gave me the determination to get him better. It was then that I really started my spiritual journey and I vowed that if no one else would help, I would do everything in my power to help him myself. I did so much research, I changed his diet to raw meat, and gave him vitamins daily, his appearance slowly got better, his colour was coming back, his nose was forming again, and his eye sight was also improving.  The problem was he was still very lethargic, he’d lie down and sleep all day, also the steroids caused him to get eczema which was quite bad at the time.


Fortunately, not too long ago everything changed. I was in a local crystal shop having a look around when I felt drawn to a small area where business cards and leaflets were kept. I picked one up and it said animal healer, Maria Wind Talker, I couldn’t believe it!

Once home, I rang the number on the card, Maria answered and was very friendly, we spoke for a while and she even agreed to help me knowing my financial situation . I knew deep down that this was definitely the right thing to do for me and Teddy Bear. 

Maria said she would start by connecting to him and sending him healing over the weekend.  While I was at home with him he ended up being sick twice, I later realised he must have been getting rid of the toxins in his body due to the healing.  He drank lots of water and within about an hour he was different!  Brighter eyed and moving a lot faster than usual, I was absolutely amazed! When I took him out on walks he would run everywhere and his eye sight seemed to have improved even more.

Maria and I then agreed on a date and time to do a remote soul retrieval, I blessed the house with sage, and placed crystals around the room. My younger brother, Alex wanted to be with us while Maria performed the soul retrieval. We could tell when she had started, the energy in the room felt different, more peaceful. We both wrote down any thoughts or emotions we had, for some reason I was holding on to Teddy Bears tail throughout. I picked up on some feelings of anxiety and sadness, but towards the end it was more images of Teddy Bear running around a field with me, he was happy and confident, he stood proudly on a cliff edge, observing the world around him.  Alex kept seeing the colour orange, Maria told us that orange is associated with our inner child, which is really amazing because when the session had finished, she rang me to talk about our experiences.

She told me some really overwhelming things, like Teddy Bears inner puppy was very sad and she found him in a cage of thorns. (he was in a cage at the end of the garden when I went to collect him as a pup, Maria did not know this previously)

There was another part of him inside a dark cave, a stag lead her to him, which Maria said was very unusual.  She couldn’t see him it was so dark but followed the white of his tail, (which I had a hold of on Teddy) He was extremely scared and upset, but with love, Maria told him that he was needed and that she could help him, so he agreed and they all came back together, the puppy Teddy Bear sitting on big Teddy Bears back.

After it was all over, Teddy Bear stayed asleep for quite a while, when he eventually woke up he was very thirsty, but literally within a few hours, you could see him getting better and better and is still improving now, he was quite naughty before all of this happened to him, and I can see that Teddy Bear in him again, he charges around the house, jumps up on me, plays with everyone and our other dog, Maddi again.  I took him on a walk a few nights ago and he ran away from me, then as I got closer to him he would stop, then as I would go to grab his lead, he would bark and run away.  His personality shines through now, and he isn’t lazy any more at all. His eyes are the best they’ve been throughout the experience and he is only getting better.

I appreciate everything Maria has done so much! And I can’t thank her enough; she actually cares very much and genuinely wants the best for everyone, she still sends me links for vitamins and other things that would benefit teddy bear, she just does it out of the goodness of her heart, and I am very grateful.  


We still have to do the joint EFT, where we will all actually meet up, which I am really looking forward to.

The whole experience has been incredible! I really urge anybody with an ill or upset animal to get in touch with Maria. I definitely feel a lot closer to Teddy Bear now, and I feel like he is very grateful for everything.

He is happy within, so Thank you Maria.

Lorna Taylor and Teddy Bear.

February 2016


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      1. :-) well sometimes what we give in healing is worth much more than any pennies accumulated.. And it is sometimes I feel Divine Intervention that brings both Healer and Patient together.. This was such a wonderful testimony to your healing abilities.. :-)

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