Sarah D. – Rite of the Womb

Sarah D. – Hi Maria,
Thank you for the rite of the womb.  It has been a powerful experience.

When I came home I felt really a bit overwhelmed so did Jess my daughter,  we both had to lie down and I felt my left side filling out and I can only describe it as unfurling like a leaf,  the smell of sage was in the house.  When I went to bed.  I saw a vision of a prostitution scene, set in the old days possibly a past life which then faded.  And I dreamt a dream of women hiding and freeing a prisoner disabled on a visit to a prison to collect some bags that had been stored there.  The prisoner thanked me and offered me a place to stay with a woman I did not know and whether to trust him and this woman.

Probably represents my thinking at the moment.  As I have been thinking about jess’s dad and how he must be a lost boy in there. Feeling a sadness today though. Did you feel sadness? Am thinking it is s type of grief, making way for joy.

I did my ritual on the new moon, very powerful, my left side felt more present and am feeling that generally, my attitude is less panicky, ,more going with the flow, like trust is more present in me.  Also had a vision the night of the new moon, I saw a shaman, medicine man who came towards me and entered into my space?  So amazing all of this, I feel like it has really shifted me and I am not feeling this ongoing sadness that I had been feeling in the right side of my heart that I have been feeling for months on end.
That’s it so far!!

Thanks, Speak soon. x