Melody – Paris

I have lived in my Parisian apartment for more than 3 years now. I used to feel very safe here.

Until 16 months ago when I gave birth to my daughter and since then I began to feel like I was not alone in this place.

I felt a man’s presence. Once I thought I saw him in my daughter room, in a corner. I saw a body shape.  My daughter would not settle in her room any more, which was distressing for us all.

One evening, I talked to my Mum and husband about this presence I felt. I cried because it scared me that I wasn’t alone in my home.

8 months later, I was having tea with a friend in the afternoon. We were in my living-room, and my friend was facing the corridor. She stopped talking and told me « mmm I just saw someone in your corridor! »…

I went in my daughter’s room to check, but no one was there.

That is when I’ve decided to ask Maria for some help. I wanted to be sure and to feel safe again.

Maria asked me to light candles, incense, and put fresh flowers in my home over a week. I burnt sage also to help break down the energy while Maria worked from her side to help him.

And at the end of the week after Maria had passed him over, she debriefed me on what she found. There was a man. Bless Him. His name was Georges, he was a doctor in the 1800’s..

Maria told me that he was in a loop, living his last moments, he felt guilty for dying, as the day he died, he was helping a mother give birth. The baby was stuck, so he went out of the room to bring back some « tools » when he had a heart attack and passed away in the corridor. Due to the delay the mother passed away, but the baby lived.

As soon as Maria told me his name, I had a flash of a birthday card for my daughter which she always wanted in her hands. On the back of the card was written « George ».  Maybe it was the brand of the card? Weird coincidence, Maria told me to get rid of it. Which I did!

This man was watching over my daughter and stayed with her in her room. Now,  I understand  why she had issues to sleep in her room…

I did some research into it and found that .in 1897 a hospital for pregnant women opened 400 meters away from my Building. It closed in 1938.

Maybe his home was at the current place of my building, possibly another building of the hospital?

I needed time to feel good again in this apartment, but now I feel safe again..

Thanks again Maria.

Bless you for all your help.

Melody xx