Welcome to our page.

Please take a look around, with over 20 years experience, we offer a wide range of therapies, groups and workshops, to suit everyone’s needs.

We aim to provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for people and/or their pets, to ensure not only a pleasant visit but also the perfect conditions for deep healing to take place.

Our customers come to us  for many reasons, including; animal/personal healing, spiritual guidance and mentoring.

‘Everyone is treat as an individual and care plans are tailor made to meet your specific needs’.

We are also available for Talks and Demonstrations within schools, private groups, businesses and festivals.

Our Services

    • Shamanic Healing
    • Soul Retrieval
    • Power Animal Retrieval
    • Mind-fullness/Meditation
    • Reiki
    • Clinical Hypnotherapy
    • Past Life Therapy (Regression)
    • Ancestral Healing
    • Psychopomp
    • Bespoke Gifts
    • More Services

*Most of our services can be provided via Skype or remotely.(excluding Hypnotherapy and Regression)

”Healing comes only from that which leads the patient beyond himself and beyond his entanglements with ego”

-Carl Jung

For further information please contact us below.

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