Priscilla – I would highly recommend Maria. She has intervened in my house to help release it from negative energies. We now feel at home at last after months of sleepless nights and fear. She also did a reading for me and I was pretty impressed with what she said and saw.  She’s been an amazing and supportive guide all along too.

Sarah D – Fantastic shamanic group sessions run by Bearfoot holistics… I have been coming to Bearfoot holistics shamanic sessions for 6 months now. What an amazing, inspirational and insightful lady Maria is, she has helped me to reconnect with myself and nature’s helpers. I feel blessed to have met Maria and be able to benefit from her profound work.

Melody – I have lived in my Parisian apartment for more than 3 years now. I used to feel very safe here.

Until 16 months ago when I gave birth to my daughter and since then I began to feel like I was not alone in this place.

I felt a man’s presence. Once I thought I saw him in my daughter room, in a corner. I saw a body shape.  My daughter would not settle in her room any more, which was distressing for us all.

One evening, I talked to my Mum and husband about this presence I felt. I cried because it scared me that I wasn’t alone in my home.

8 months later, I was having tea with a friend in the afternoon. We were in my living-room, and my friend was facing the corridor. She stopped talking and told me « ‘Hmmm I just saw someone in your corridor!’, so I went in my daughter’s room to check, but no one was there.

That is when I’ve decided to ask Maria for some help. I wanted to be sure and to feel safe again.

Maria asked me to light candles, incense, and put fresh flowers in my home over a week. I burnt sage also to help break down the energy while Maria worked from her side to help him.

And at the end of the week after Maria had passed him over, she debriefed me on what she found. There was a man. Bless Him. His name was Georges, he was a doctor in the 1800’s..

Maria told me that he was in a loop, living his last moments, he felt guilty for dying, as the day he died, he was helping a mother give birth. The baby was stuck, so he went out of the room to bring back some « tools » when he had a heart attack and passed away in the corridor. Due to the delay the mother passed away, but the baby lived.

As soon as Maria told me his name, I had a flash of a birthday card for my daughter which she always wanted in her hands. On the back of the card was written « George ».  Maybe it was the brand of the card? Weird coincidence, Maria told me to get rid of it. Which I did!

This man was watching over my daughter and stayed with her in her room. Now,  I understand  why she had issues to sleep in her room…

I did some research into it and found that .in 1897 a hospital for pregnant women opened 400 meters away from my Building. It closed in 1938.

Maybe his home was at the current place of my building, possibly another building of the hospital?

I needed time to feel good again in this apartment, but now I feel safe again..

Thanks again Maria.

Bless you for all your help.

Melody. xx

Sarah – Thank you so much for the Incredible soul retrieval today, completely amazing and feeling very connected with my wand.  Thank you so much for your invaluable help and healing xxx

Catherine Ritchie – I had a fabulous healing from the lovely and gifted Maria. Maria is very attentive and intuitive to your needs whether it be for your mind body or spirit. Maria is an authentic lady that tells you how it is which comes from her heart.  My ‘Shamanic Soul retrieval‘ was deep, I felt totally at ease and peaceful whilst Maria worked her magic on me.  During the healing I began to feel lighter and after the treatment I felt as though I had been thoroughly cleansed inside and outside my body wow! It felt awesome and still does. The feelings that came up earlier this week have settled now and my intuition and healing have got stronger.  Maria has many gifts and if you are looking for healing that works then get in touch with her.  Blessings xxxx

Tina J I have recently had a Soul Retrieval from Maria and it was both fascinating and spiritual in that afterwards I felt a whole lot better and more connected with who I am. I would recommend having a go it’s a great experience.  Also I have since felt a big “lift” although I feel there is more work to do and I will at some point be having another one. xx

Marine L – Eczema Salve, I loved it!

It was very soothing, smooth and very effective as my skin is very dry.

It helps my hands a lot to be more smoother and it healed better too!

Thank you for the beautiful product!

Love and blessings ❤️❤️❤️

Sarah D. – Hi Maria,

Thank you for the rite of the womb.  It has been a powerful experience.

When I came home I felt really a bit overwhelmed so did Jess my daughter,  we both had to lie down and I felt my left side filling out and I can only describe it as unfurling like a leaf,  the smell of sage was in the house.  When I went to bed.  I saw a vision of a prostitution scene, set in the old days possibly a past life which then faded.  And I dreamt a dream of women hiding and freeing a prisoner disabled on a visit to a prison to collect some bags that had been stored there.  The prisoner thanked me and offered me a place to stay with a woman I did not know and whether to trust him and this woman.

Probably represents my thinking at the moment.  As I have been thinking about jess’s dad and how he must be a lost boy in there. Feeling a sadness today though. Did you feel sadness? Am thinking it is s type of grief, making way for joy.

I did my ritual on the new moon, very powerful, my left side felt more present and am feeling that generally, my attitude is less panicky, ,more going with the flow, like trust is more present in me.  Also had a vision the night of the new moon, I saw a shaman, medicine man who came towards me and entered into my space?  So amazing all of this, I feel like it has really shifted me and I am not feeling this ongoing sadness that I had been feeling in the right side of my heart that I have been feeling for months on end.

That’s it so far!!

Thanks, Speak soon. x

Phil – What can I say that hasn’t been said before, I’ve known Maria for 10 years maybe more, we did lose contact but somehow fate made that connection again.

In all the years I’ve known her she has given me a few readings, whatever comes up good bad or in between, she always is very understanding, non-judgemental and insightful. She always has my best interests at heart…!

I can’t thank her enough as she has helped me understand myself, and pointed me in the right direction if required when it has come to difficult times in my life…!

So I wholeheartedly couldn’t recommend her enough, as she has been a great help in the past present and hopefully for the foreseeable future.

Thank you, so much Maria…xx

Catherine Ritchie – It was truly an awesome experience Maria , thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please don’t miss Maria’s next Ancestral Healing Workshop, Maria is a great lady. xxx

Christine Renshaw – Some late feedback! you know I mentioned the Humm that’s been driving me nuts, well I wasn’t sleeping as the noise is so constant and was really doing my wee nut in! Anyhoo at the autumn fire event when I decorated and burnt my stick in the fire my release intention was that I intended to be free of the sleep disturbance that the noise was causing, it didn’t work straight away …but then I didn’t think about it until yesterday a neighbour asked me if I could still hear the noise and I said yes but at least it has stopped interfering with my sleep! and bingo I remembered my intent at the ceremony and wanted to say thank you and give you this feedback, lots of love and many hugs xx

Kami – You are magical, a shaman, your herbal lore and nutritional knowledge quite vast, you’re such a great animal healer and wondrous writer and poet, craftsman, mum, loyal friend.