Events 2017


*Spaces are limited on our groups and workshops, early booking is recommended to ensure a place.

We aim to make our workshops about Love, Healing and Unity. With this in mind we offer 1  place at half price to anyone on low income. Please contact us to find out more or to reserve a place on any of our groups or workshops.

Looking forward to working alongside the team at the tree of Life Centre in Larnaca.

*please note that a minimum of 4 people are required for workshops and groups to run due to interactive activities.

Weekly Groups.

Shamanic Journey Group  – Sunday 6th August.


Our journey group meets on the 1st Sunday of the month at The Tree of Life Centre @ 7pm.

Shamanic journeying takes you into deep state of Meditation through the beat of the drum. Our groups are progressive and we aim to garner a core group of people who will develop and grow together. In this group you will learn how to journey into the three Shamanic realms via the beat of the drum and rattle, where you will meet your power animal/s, spirit allies and wisdom keepers. We will learn to interpret the subtle metaphors in which spirit relates to us and truly connect to the meaning of ‘we are all one’. We will connect with our Ancestors to receive healing, wisdom and a deeper connection to self, mother earth, the universe and the unseen realms.

If you have a drum or any percussion instrument bring it along for a bang a long at the end. 🙂

Reiki Share Group – 13th August

Our Reiki Share group meets on the 2nd Sunday every month @ 7pm at The Tree of Life Centre

Reiki share group is open to anyone attuned to Reiki at any level.  We open with a Reiju attunement and  meditation, then participate in a group healing so that we all get to give and receive a treatment.  Great for newly attuned people to practice or for those who may not have used Reiki in a while, and, for seasoned practitioners alike.  At the end you will have an opportunity to discuss any concerns that you may have about a clients progression or your own development with Reiki. 

E.F.T Share Group – 19th August (Saturday this time due to other commitments)

Our EFT Group runs on the 3rd Sunday each month at the Tree of life Centre at 7pm

EFT (Emotional freedom technique, also known as Tapping, works on the meridian points, somewhat like acupuncture without the needles. EFT neutralise’s emotional triggers very quickly, allowing us to re-frame and re-programme our thought process patterns and can bring a new awareness to situations.  The energy of an EFT group magnifies the healing exponentially and deep healing on a collective level can occur spontaneously.  No previous experience necessary.

Meditation Group – 27th August

Our Meditation group gathers on the 4th Sunday every month @ the Tree of Life Centre at 7pm

Meditation has so many health benefits not only for the person meditating but also impacts on the whole of humanity and beyond.  There are many forms of meditation and we will mainly be focusing on guided meditation, however, we explore other modalities as we progress.


Conscious Awakening 

Saturday 12.08.17 – 12-5pm




Are you awake? are you conscious of your awakening or the global awakening and your part in it? This workshop digs deep into our programmed minds and offers a new way of being.

Introduction to Shamanism 

Saturday 26.08.17 – 12-5pm


Learn about Shamanism, dispel the myths, reconnect to universal living and how it can help you, your loved ones and the planet.  Experience a Shamanic journey and learn how to practice it safely.

Connect to your Drum –

Saturday 30.9.17 – 12-4pm


This workshop is for anyone that has birthed their own drum or who has bought one and wishes to learn how to connect to its spirit and play it, either for pleasure or to facilitate a healing journey. (Out door event)

Transforming the Mask –

Saturday 9.9.17 – 12-5pm


One day workshop

We will be taking a closer look at the masks we wear and creating our Power Mask. Read more… Transforming the Mask

Ancestral Healing-

7.19.17 – 12-5pm


One day Workshop
In this workshop we will learn how to heal the past, repair our DNA and harness the wisdom of our ancestors.

The 13th Munay KI Rite – The Rite of the Womb 

02.09.17 – 12-4pm


‘The Womb is not a place to store fear and pain,

The Womb is a place to create and give birth to life’.

Rite of the Womb

Munay Ki Initiation Rites  (Certificated)

28.10.17 – 12-6pm

nav bar munay ki2

Munay-Ki is the key to taking a quantum leap in species evolution, offering the potential to complete within one lifetime a process of evolution that would otherwise take many generations. Read more


Spiritual/Personal Development Course (Certificated)

This is a 12 week intensive course covering many topics of Spiritual practices.

Places are limited to 8 people (4 places left)


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