Energetic Opportunities

  • A message I received prior to the full moon on August 6th 2017

Message from Running deer – 4/8/17

All my relations take nothing personally during these times, energy waves are affecting your DNA, your physical and emotional bodies, changes are taking place now as we enter a new phase of evolution. Some people may act crazy or even go crazy, some may choose to leave the planet, whereas others may suddenly become enlightened.

There may be much confusion and heads may clash but Stay centred, stay calm, let go of all that no longer serves you…Forgive.

Prepare your body and mind by removing all toxicity from your diet, eat healthy, and avoid red meats, caffeine, dairy and refined sugars. Eat and drink from only pure untampered sources to nourish your soul this is highly important for the integration of these energies and for you to evolve and heal personally and collectively as a species.

These energies may have already been felt by those you that you call empaths over the past weeks as the portal of the Lion has been slowly opening I implore you to please take care as there will be many accidents during this period and four weeks past the 8.8 portal.

Minds will easily wander as ‘normal’ brain wave activity is being rewired to accommodate the new energies, things that were of importance to you will hold no value anymore, as you begin to realign with the natural rhythms of life and the universal laws of nature. It is wise to sit in quiet contemplation as much as possible, connect with creator and your personal helpers for assistance with assimilating the energies into your being. You are not alone, you are not losing your mind, and you are remembering your true soul’s purpose. Your earthly mission on our sacred planet is being re encoded.

The energies are bringing healing at a cellular level, clearing ancestral trauma, sending light into the darkest of places which for some will be uncomfortable and resistance will present itself in many ways, like the head of a snake hissing and spitting at everyone and everything. Anger, Fear and Doubt may arise as well as new illnesses or old injuries may flare up., you may find yourself in conflict with self and others. Recognise this is a clearing, a healing process and simply allow without questioning, and will pass swiftly.

Step into the vortex of possibilities and draw on the magical powers of creation that is available to you now. Listen, the ancestors are here to show the way.

This time will not present itself in this way for many moons to come, this is your time, it is time to embrace the changes and step up to the plate, to collectively ensure a healthy future for the next 7 generations.. it is time for community thinking, living and being.

Ask yourself these questions: Where am I not being true to my authentic self? How can I be of service to the whole? What is my current life mission? Sit with these questions, your allies will help you find the answers.

Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with others and be gentle with our mother earth.

Give thanks daily.

May you always walk in beauty, and come to every living being in a good way.

A’HO…Mitakuye Oyasin.

Running Deer.


Copyright @Maria Wind Talker -Bear Foot Holistics 2017


Sound and Senses

Greetings all my relations.

When we speak of holistic Healing we speak of the whole spectrum of our beings.  We work on bringing balance to the whole person or animal or situation presented to us.

If you have an open wound for example and you simple put a plaster on it without first cleaning it out and applying some kind of antiseptic to it, then, yes it will heal over, but, it will trap all the infection in and cause more problems than it solves.

So it is with healing one selves, weather that be from a physical illness, mental, emotional or spiritual. To work on either individually will only bring temporary relief.

Today I find myself thinking about sounds a lot.  Having worked with Rock and Indie bands in the past, I have a keen ear and music to me is food for the soul.

I was thinking about how important sound is, music for example can transport us whole heartedly back to a memory, engaging all our senses.  As you go there to that memory you are reinforcing the energy that holds you to it.  Like watering a seed you planted, the more you recall it the stronger it gets…A sad song for example will remind you of a darker time in your life and likewise, with happy memories. 

Where we Focus our thoughts and beliefs has a massive hand in how quickly we heal.

Tip: with every sad song/memory that comes up for me, I try to remember a happy scene from that time and reprogram the memory.

So, back to sounds.

We use sound healing a lot within our practice, depending on what the clients needs are.  Various sound tools we use are: the drum, rattle, Singing Bowl, Tibetan Bells, Chanting, Toning, Whistling, Singing.

Within a sound wave holds the blueprint to existence, it is a vehicle for the soul to travel while awake within the body.

Let us choose our sound waves well and together we can heal our inner and outer worlds.

Q: What is your most favourite sound (not song)

Think about any that come to mind, heart, feel it in your body, soul, heart…narrow it down to one.
Mine is Laughter, it brings a sense of Peace, security, a clearing out of stagnant energy bringing healing and most importantly humility. It lifts our energy quicker than anything else (for me) and laughter shared brings about an openness and honesty, a vulnerability based on mutual trust.
Please share yours with us so we can all be uplifted. :)
Mitakuye Oyasin
MWT <3