Sound and Senses

Greetings all my relations.

When we speak of holistic Healing we speak of the whole spectrum of our beings.  We work on bringing balance to the whole person or animal or situation presented to us.

If you have an open wound for example and you simple put a plaster on it without first cleaning it out and applying some kind of antiseptic to it, then, yes it will heal over, but, it will trap all the infection in and cause more problems than it solves.

So it is with healing one selves, weather that be from a physical illness, mental, emotional or spiritual. To work on either individually will only bring temporary relief.

Today I find myself thinking about sounds a lot.  Having worked with Rock and Indie bands in the past, I have a keen ear and music to me is food for the soul.

I was thinking about how important sound is, music for example can transport us whole heartedly back to a memory, engaging all our senses.  As you go there to that memory you are reinforcing the energy that holds you to it.  Like watering a seed you planted, the more you recall it the stronger it gets…A sad song for example will remind you of a darker time in your life and likewise, with happy memories. 

Where we Focus our thoughts and beliefs has a massive hand in how quickly we heal.

Tip: with every sad song/memory that comes up for me, I try to remember a happy scene from that time and reprogram the memory.

So, back to sounds.

We use sound healing a lot within our practice, depending on what the clients needs are.  Various sound tools we use are: the drum, rattle, Singing Bowl, Tibetan Bells, Chanting, Toning, Whistling, Singing.

Within a sound wave holds the blueprint to existence, it is a vehicle for the soul to travel while awake within the body.

Let us choose our sound waves well and together we can heal our inner and outer worlds.

Q: What is your most favourite sound (not song)

Think about any that come to mind, heart, feel it in your body, soul, heart…narrow it down to one.
Mine is Laughter, it brings a sense of Peace, security, a clearing out of stagnant energy bringing healing and most importantly humility. It lifts our energy quicker than anything else (for me) and laughter shared brings about an openness and honesty, a vulnerability based on mutual trust.
Please share yours with us so we can all be uplifted. :)
Mitakuye Oyasin
MWT <3



The Star Laws

The Star Laws
A Divine Plan by which One can Live. NAPE ZI

The Universal Laws and the Spiritual Laws came into existence through the thought of the Creator: 
In the creation of the Universe as you would know them. 
Star Laws are encoding. These Laws are memory and encoding that is within the energies of Mother Earth, the energies within your physical body, the energies of realms that are beyond the beyond the beyond-beyond your understanding. 

Beyond all things is where you will find the beginnings of these Laws as you would understand them to be symbols as well.

They are designed for all not to forget where their Dawning of Existence began. Each of these Laws are appearing now and becoming ever so present in the mind’s eye, as well as in your physical realm. 

Your realm is to awaken and help you to remember. Each of these Laws is significant. They have been carried down through the ages. These symbols are not religious, as it were, connected or related to the dogmatic terms of churches. 

They were hidden away so that you would not forget that you are free beings, that you are connected to all things, that you are, that you simply are. 

You are apart of “I AM” presence; you are these Laws, you are light.

Each of these Laws vibrates to a rhythm of light. They are forms of energies that carry Laws that were set during and at the beginning of Creation. They were designed to create balance, to create harmony among all things.

These Laws not only affect those of earth, they are Laws that are very enigmatic amongst those of other Universes as well. So they are Universal amongst all Creation.

The Universal and Spiritual Law vibrates to their God. Each Law does have a color of the rainbow that the Creator has given to you. It was pronounced that this Rainbow would be a sign of the Creators love for you, and it is much more than that. 

For each of these colors vibrates to a sound, vibrates to an energy field and to a Law that is of great significance to all.

It is the opening of doorways to other dimensions of light, to other planes of existence, to go beyond that known from your realm. These Laws and symbols are beyond words. You cannot fully give a description of a color, but you can feel it. You could say blue is blue, it is a beautiful blue, but what do you feel from this color? 

The vibration of colors and of ourselves open up each Chakra that is in the body.

Your Chakras are attuned and emanate color from your body. This is not necessarily the colors of the auric field of your body. It goes much further and beyond, to the Universe. Know this; 

It is this vibrator color and rate of exchange between light and sound that has connected you and kept you connected to God and All That Is, and to the love from Creator, and All That Is.

When you begin using toning, singing, chanting, the drum, it alters your sense of beingness to help you move into your Creator Connection. It awakens the Laws that are in you, that are encoded into the very soul of your Being. 

No one symbol is more important than another. They are in relation to each other. Just as spiritual beings are all in work together, they are all in harmony together.Thus Stellar energies are being fed from the Universes to the inhabitants upon Mother Earth. 

Are we creating, so to speak, an awakening within mankind? 

We are moving into a new realm of understanding: It will be knowing. People will feel it within themselves, and they may not know where it comes from, but it will be a knowing. 

And, each Law will unlock the key to an even greater understanding and a greater knowing than what has been in the past. It was done in this way, for mankind’s mind, body and spirit were not able to understand the full conception of these Laws in the past. 

All the great Masters who came to the Universe to teach had an understanding of the Universal Principles, the Universal and Spiritual Laws. The Laws were meant to be kept, and they fully understood them. But there were teachings that were misconstrued because the mind of man did not fully understand. 

Yet it is for you to come back into the form of the original creation of the Spirit. And now, we are moving into the time of great battle.

Armageddon will not be fought on Earth as it were. For those that know that it is Armageddon, it is in the heavens, within the mind of man. 

So the armies of Angels who want to issue new force into the new life and new way of living have appeared for many things have come about. A part of this is to bring in the Energy to support the upliftment of the Mind of Man.

 ~ Standing Elk