Separation and Rewriting the Narrative.

Last week I went back to the UK for my daughters wedding, which was beautiful. <3


The day before I came back I went on a two hour hike around the countryside & nature reserve where I used to live and walk daily with my dog Loui. I so miss that, I feel so much more connected to nature, to spirit, to me, there.

Walking the land I spent so many years care taking and connecting with really lifted my soul. Visiting with one of my sacred trees and the trees I helped plant at the orchard brought tears to my eyes, and filled my heart with joy to see them flourishing. I visited the bushes and plants that I used to forage from and thanked them for the gifts they bestowed over the years, not just for me and others who gather their bounty but the wildlife they help to survive too.

While walking, absorbing, breathing in the energy, somewhere along the path a message came.

‘Division comes in many forms, some are blatant like racism and religion. But others are hidden within ego traps more commonly known as labels; a marital status, a career or in my specific case a job title’.

As spiritual teachers we mostly lead by example, which means being 100% authentic to ourselves, to our own moral code at all times. When things are not flowing, it is usually because our thoughts, feelings and actions are not in synch. Somewhere on our moral compass there’s a glych and the needle just keeps catching on that one pesky spot.

There is much to be said about labels, some are useful like when buying the right size shoes. Others create a distinction, a sense of grandeur or entitlement, a separation from the concept of “we are all one, all connected, all relations”, “Mitakuye Oyasin”.

So why in the spiritual enlightenment – holistic health community do we have so many labels that create division?

This is actually a topic that I talk about a lot with friends and colleagues but this download made me see it from a different angle too.

I’ve always had an issue with all the reinvention of traditional modalities that have worked for thousands of years just fine, then as soon as it hits the western world there are all these “new” forms if it, or there are new levels added to it. I mean seriously what is that all about? In the last 20years there have been more ‘new’ modalities being ‘channelled’ than ever in the history of human kind.

Now don’t get me wrong, in the last 30years there has also been huge mass awakenings, and with that comes great knowledge and ancient wisdom that we have suppressed under our civilised 9-5’s and TV dinners. So it’s not all just a load of band wagon, money making schemes and ego. I’ve been witness to both, mostly the latter.

Why do we need to use titles such as Reiki Master? More recent add ons are Reiki Master Teacher, Grand Masters and Ascended Masters. It’s quite laughable really.


So how am I/we creating division?

Let’s look at the modalities I use. Reiki, Hypnotherapy, shamanic practitioner, NLP, EFT, Munay Ki, Regression, Animal Communication etc these are my main modalities. But, where does all that come from?

When we work to help someone do we read from a book or do we take the basics and go with our intuition?

Is every Reiki treatment for example exactly the same? When using any healing mode, where is that energy coming from? Does Reiki come from a different source than shamanic healing?

Of course not, it all comes from the same energy source in the universe. So why do we have so many different labels?

Why do I have to use any of the labels or titles? They have never sat right with me anyway. When I did level 3 Reiki I used to joke with people and say, ‘I’m a Reiki Master, you must bow when I enter the room’.      

Because even way back then I found it all too absurd to take seriously. Why can’t it just be a Reiki Teacher?

I’ve received some miraculous healing and wise wisdom from some very young and less experienced people. We need to get out of our own way and be humble, we are not healing anyone, we are simply a channel, a telephone receiver  It doesn’t work without someone on the other end making sound waves and the desire from the client to heal.


Titles don’t make you a clear vessel for healing to work through you, your heart and intentions do.

Is going to a Healer better if they call them self a master? Did they train for years on a mountain to gain the wisdom of a grand master, or did they do a weekend workshop or maybe an online course!

Discernment and common sense are seriously lacking today.

How can we preach unity if the example we are setting is about competition and ego?
Why do we keep feeding the ego minds of our clients by presenting ourselves as bigger and better than the next healer down the street, when they are coming to us to gain control over it most of the time.  Plus when people get bombarded with options they often feel overwhelmed and either panic pick, loose all concept of what they actually want help with and put it on you to decide what to do for them, or simply walk away.

Unity and separation – One counteracts the other and creates an imbalance, which not only affects our moral compass and holds us back from helping more people but the ripples spread into the collective consciousness creating even bigger egos. Soon I’m sure we will see ‘super grand masters’ on the scene. 😁

For me I’m dropping labels, titles and all the trimmings. I am but a vessel for the energy of the universe and ancestors to do what is needed at the time. It is not me that brings peace to an anxious mind or relief to an ailing body, I simply request that it be so and trust that what is required will be granted.

If we all used the same terminology then division, competition and confusion would be eliminated, in this field at least.

So for now I will just say that I am a spiritual teacher and energy practitioner. Even that doesn’t sit well with me. I guess being humble is a big part of our medicine.

Mitakuye Oyasin.




19 thoughts on “Separation and Rewriting the Narrative.

  1. Dear Maria, first congratulations upon your daughters wedding.. What a wonderful day that looks to have been.
    And yes I felt your heart as you retraced your steps to your old haunts, Nature speaks to us in many ways, and the thoughts you picked up on were profound.
    I agree, We need no guru, we are all our own gurus, if we listen well, and follow our hearts and intuitions..

    I think often our Spiritual circles are fraught with peoples egos. All wishing to be the best, who want to control and be top of their game, Its a human trait that takes some shaking. I have been subjected many times to power games, and being a healer have seen how some egos need to fluff up their feathers displaying their plumage and labels to make themselves feel superior than others..

    I was a spiritual healer for twenty years, gaining my certification etc in hands on spiritual healing, and healing as you say comes from Source, and cares not if you have a plaque upon your wall or not.. But everything today is put into categories and given labels as to their ‘Worth’ and many think by using these labels they are worth more than others, and so charge monies accordingly.
    My healing sessions were always free, because it was gift that was given freely.. I know people need to earn a living, but we all of us have these healing gifts if we learn to tune into them..

    I know you give from your heart dear Maria.. Trust that Source knows what it is doing and you will be guided once again through your maze of uncertainties..

    Sending Love and Blessings my friend.. LOVE and Light..
    Sue xxx ❤

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    1. Thank you Sue. I didn’t charge for years either till I realised that I wasn’t charging for my skills, but for my time. Which is invaluable and can not be reclaimed. When I think back to my daughter being sent to her room while I set up and worked with a client and then closed down sacred space, and the times clients didn’t even show up without a thought to how that affects others. Then I wish I had charged from the start and at least been able to get her something to entertain her all those hours that we missed out on being together. Kids grow up so quick and will never get those opportunites again.
      So for me it’s not so much the charging because their has to be some kind of energy exchange but like you say, with the extra labels comes higher egos and higher tariffs.
      Love to you Sue, you are a blessing in my life. ❤ xxx

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      1. Oh I so understand you there Maria.. Time is precious..
        A close friend of mine told me to charge for my auragraph paintings, they are among my hobbies pages. The ones I did for church venues in my demonstration work I did for free, but people wanted private ones doing with full readings. My close friend persuaded me to charge for them.. I charged less than what it cost for a tarot reading that many at the time were charging.. Hours went into the paintings and interpretations. So I fully agree with you..
        Sometimes people treat freebies as nothing.. While they put worth on something they have to pay for.. Defies logic, I know, but that is how our humans minds work..
        And I agree about energy exchange.. LOVE to you.. ❤

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      2. I do not do them anymore Maria. so I am sorry to disappoint you my friend, I retired from my spiritual world, when I was 60 some four years ago.. But I would link in to you if you would like.. I sort of did when you went away and kind of knew your adventure would not be as you had hoped, but I can not interfere with free will.. Nor would I assume to.
        I will go find you the page link.. be right back.

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      3. Oh bless you Sue. Wish you had said something at the time, I was already wavering but had no input from anyone outside of my inner circle and they obviously didn’t want me to leave but didn’t say anything if they picked up bad vibes. Wish they had if they did, might have saved a whole lot of heartache. But we here now, just got to deal with what we got. Lol xx


      4. I doubt you would have taken notice of me Maria. and that is not in a derogatory way of saying that.. But sometimes life has to lead us and we need to follow the flow of how WE feel at the time..
        I remember going against my better judgement in a job..
        The interview didn’t ‘Feel Right’ and on my way there my wing mirror on the car got knocked off by another driver on a narrow road who didnt stop..
        And When I took the job, each day I was diverted by road works in the city I knew little off, SO I got lost many times on strange one way systems..
        After several weeks of heartache, given it was the best paid job I had ever held.. I gave in my notice, to have no job for two weeks, while I found another.. I didnt go on the unempolyment register.. lol.. Knowing the Universe had already found me another job…
        TRUST your six sense is what I will say,, Your GUT… Don’t ignore it if it casts doubt… If in doubt DON’T… is my motto..
        And all has been experience.. The only way is UP.. ❤

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      5. I normally don’t ignore it and had loads of signs too saying don’t go but had paid for everything by then and was too late. Oh well, am just praying the universe / creator has something up their sleeve and quickly now otherwise I’ve no idea how we will survive. X

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      6. Arrgh that is a problem.. A real dilemma, The only thing I can suggest is Manifesting.. See him already off the Island and You already settled in some place back home.. I know it sounds lame. but sometimes when we are in the thick of a problem our confusion only adds to the confusion and we go around in circles and the problem never get solved or it seems to get worse… Meditate on that.. See yourselves Free and Happily settled both of you.. ❤

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