February News and Discounts.


The season of Love is upon us already,oh how time flies the older we get.  Maybe this is the year that Cupids arrow flies into the hearts of all singletons, we can but live in faith, it is the year of miracles after all.  :)

With all the craziness that is going on in the world today,we need to express as much love in every moment, daily, as possible.

At the weekend we were very honoured to host a last minute sat Sang held by my beautiful cousin Helen (Anjani) who offered to come in the morning before our workshop The Rite Of the WombWe had the most beautiful, loving  and healing weekend with some profound insights and ancestral healing.  Helen brought lots of clarification for everyone and if you get a chance to attend any of her Sat Sang or have one to one healing, then grab it, you will not be disappointed.

The unconditional love and support everyone showed each other was so beautiful to witness, a reminder of how as a race, our inherent legacy is to nurture. It restored my faith in the future for mankind and the planet and for that and many other reasons I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Helen and all the ladies that shared the day.<3


Valentines Discounts

Reiki  treatments make a great Valentines gift for a loved one or a lover.  We all deserve to feel relaxed,pampered, re-energised and filled with our vital life force energy.

Reiki will not only help to heal naturally but will leave you feeling like you had the best nights rest, full of energy and get up and go. It will also promote better sleep, meaning the affects will just keep on giving.

So why not take advantage of the 15% discount and treat yourself or a loved one for an energetic overhaul and give your immune system a kick start for the spring. :)

*Gift Vouchers are also available. 

Please use the form below to make a booking or any other enquiry.



May Love fill your Hearts today and always.








Mitakuye Oyasin

MWT <3


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