Support for the Front Liners…

Please share this post in support of the water protectors.
Thank you <3

Maria Wind Talker

Please help support Mike Fasig fix his much needed war pony, so that he can continue to help on the front lines. Funds that went to camps are not being filtered out to the individuals that have put their lives on the line for them and continue to do so regardless. Often going without food and sleep to make sure everyone is safe.  Right now they are on with cleaning up camp before they relocate prior to the floods. Thousands left recently due to the bad weather, leaving most of their belongings behind for others to deal with before it ends up polluting the river. 

Mike is one of three rescue teams, including Michael Markus + Elder Angry Bird and none have a working truck right now. 

Every penny helps and if everyone donated £1 it would make a huge difference.

Please help, we can all spare one pound at…

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