Living in Intense Times…

Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society

We are living in very intense times on this planet. Decisions are being made that will impact us long into the future. Some of these decisions are in our own hands as we go about our everyday life … as we choose which foods to buy, and where and how to live. Some of these decisions are made by world leaders who themselves are manipulated by those who have the money and power to steer the course of governments according to their wishes. And the most vulnerable and precious elements of Life are too often disregarded in those decisions.  Consider the water, the air, the fertility of our soils, the rights of the people, the honor and dignity of those who have walked here before.

The Deer Tribe is a religious and educational non-profit (501(c)3) organization dedicated to bring Knowledge and Ceremony to the people. The organization does not (and…

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