5D Earth – Hopi Prophecy


5D Earth

According to the Hopi, we are entering the “fifth world.” There have been at least four previous worlds (and I suspect many more), all ending in various cataclysms. The fourth world is dying as we speak. It represents the pinnacle of third-dimensional ego-based power-driven competitive masculine archetypes, characterized by a ruling elite, called the “Illuminati”, which means “illumined ones.” The original illumined elite became corrupted by identification with the material world and hence, fell in vibration to its present sorry state.

My predictions have been very consistent over the past 25 years. The 80-20-0.1 ratio outlined below hasn’t changed significantly during that time.

I get these numbers from my soul or higher self. They are apparently based on the soul’s projection of the current states of awareness (and the anticipated raising of awareness) of the populace.

The Hopi Prophecy depicts a descending spiral (3D), a shining sun (4D) and a stairway to heaven (5D). Below I offer a description of these three paths.

3D scenario–The descending spiral on the Hopi petroglyph refers to those souls who steadfastly refuse to raise their vibrations out of third density or who allow themselves to be misled down an ego-based path by the ruling elite and the entertainment/media complex, among other “false prophets.” The most likely scenario to unfold over the next two decades involves the majority of present-day humans exiting the earth plane through death by various means–immune system failure or exotic diseases, war, famine, etc. The process will likely be complete by 2030. The dates of major cataclysmic events will likely be 2007, 2012, 2017 and 2030.  The latest information suggests the following cataclysms:

2007 – Economic collapse brought about by high energy prices and inflated currency, causing widespread war and famine.

2012 – Earth enters into electromagnetic null zone, signifying the end of the Great Cycle, causing mutation in humans.

2017 – Comet brush-by (the false Wormwood) causing severe mutation in humans.

2030 – Asteroid brush-by (the true Wormwood or Planet X) causing severe electromagnetic imbalances.

About 80% of humanity will likely choose the 3D path. They will exit through death and be reincarnated on another planet more suitable for 3D entities.

4D scenario (the Hopi sun representing the fifth world)–About one-fifth (20%) of the population will likely create spiritually-based intentional communities in areas of the Earth not overly subject to natural disaster. These people will live in relative paradise, due to the dominance of positive, life-creating thoughts in their consciousness. They will harness alternative energy sources to power their communities.

5D scenario (the ascending stairway on the Hopi petroglyph)–About 10 to 30 million (<0.1%) of Earth’s souls will likely achieve ascension during this lifetime. They will enter into the 5D Earth, a world of indescribable beauty and harmony. From this vantage point, they will assist those in the 4D realities (and perhaps even those on other 3D worlds). A very tiny portion of the ascending group will go on into the celestial realms (6D – 8D), but most of them will have a desire to help raise the awareness of 3D and 4D civilizations and will therefore stay with the 5D Earth.

The “5th dimensional” Earth is where many people will be ascending to in the final mass ascension. The Earth is multidimensional and like most entities it already exists in several dimensions. The 5D Earth is the next step in spiritual advancement for many people on the Earth. Some people on Earth will choose to ascend to a more non-physical dimension, and that option is open to all who are ready for that. These options and choices will be made with great help from people’s Higher Selves and their Guides of Light. In most cases the Higher Self already has decided what it would like to experience for the next step in their spiritual journey.

All people on the Earth today knew about the opportunity of the ascension in this lifetime and it is the main reason they chose to be born during this time period. Each person here wished to experience the ascension in some way, even if it were not to ascend themselves at this time. It is just as wonderful and valid a choice to stay upon the Earth and be a part of the start of the Golden Age.

For people ascending to the 5D Earth –

The 5D Earth is much more unlimited than the 3D Earth. When a person ascends to the 5D Earth they will be much more consciously aware and connected to their Higher Self. They will learn to use their new abilities, which will include telepathic communication and consciously creating what they need in life. They will also be in a Light body that is not affected by age and is disease free. Since everyone there is very spiritually aware and advanced and have these capabilities, there are none of the things that make the 3D Earth so difficult to live on. On the 5D Earth there is no war, illnesses, or lack of abundance of all good things. There is also no death experience. When a person is ready to move on to the next level they consciously and physically prepare themselves and make the transition very consciously and easily.

Source: http://www. spiritwheel. com/raph. html


4 thoughts on “5D Earth – Hopi Prophecy

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I want to comment on it because of the “parallels” I see in the Hopi prophecies and my own “teachings” I received in this lifetime from a trio of beings I call “the Teachers” who explain the future in similar terms, yet also with a great deal of variance. Since possibilities are infinite, what you write here is also part of the future. The beauty of having mentally evolved enough to comprehend “infinity” is realizing that all prophecies and predictions are correct. The danger of following prophecies is becoming attached to one set of beliefs and then misinterpreting same as most major religions do – forcing their static views on large groups thus negating efforts to spiritually evolve.

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    1. Thanku. Absolutely, just look at the hysteria around 2012. While I was visiting the Hopi in March 2012, they asked me what I thought about the prophecy and end of times being imminent. I told Him with all due respect. That I did not feel it was the only option at that point and we were not going to mass destruct by the end of the year. He seemed happy with my reply thankfully. People get hooked into doom and gloom much quicker than hope and happiness, which as you say negates or blocks the planets evolution. I prefer to see prophecies as milestone markers for humanity, like, baby’s first word, steps etc. We must collectively evolve at a similar rate to change the doomsday fate, predictions are just a birds eye view of one of two options. X


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