Transforming the Mask – workshop 

Transforming the Mask Workshop 

Sunday 16th April 2017 – 12-6pm


As we grow from infant to adult hood we learn to cope with situations and people including ourselves, by presenting different faces to the world.  While they may lull some into a sense of familiarity and temporary acceptance, others see the fear of separation or the insecurities you bare beneath that mask and may use it against you to placate their own hidden insecurities and so the masquerade ball continues.

We learn at an early age that to be accepted we need to become people pleaser’s.  However, each time we wear a mask it fits a little bit more comfortably, until eventually we forget who we truly are and loose connection to our souls purpose as we dissolve deeper into that despair that created the first mask, one of many. 

Are you ready to be your authentic self and show up authentic in all your interactions?

Are you ready to show the world who you are and what you are made of?

Are you ready to shine a light and make a difference for future generations?

Are you ready to remove the mask of shame?

Are you ready to heal at a cellular level?

If so, then this workshop may be for you.


On this workshop we will look at the masks that we wear and why we wear them.  

The first step is by choosing to be authentic with ourselves and within all our relationships.

We will connect with the four directions and our spirit allies to help us remove unwanted masks, they will help us to heal and help us reconnect to our power mask.  

Various healing techniques will be incorporated throughout the day, including  Sound Healing, Meditation, Shamanic Healing/Journeying and EFT or Reiki if needed.

We will get creative and make a mask representing our power. Which you will take home with you as a permanent reminder of who you are, in times of doubt.

Securing the mask through expressive dance, rooting it into every fibre of our being, raising our energy to meet and greet our renewed self.

It will be a journey of transformational healing.


*We would like to offer 2 places at half price to anyone who feels drawn to attend but is on limited income.  Please contact me regarding eligibility*.

Full price £65.00

Limited places available so please book early to avoid disappointment. 

On receipt of your deposit you will be emailed directions and what to bring for each day.

Please use the form below with any enquiries or to make a booking.


MWT <3



3 thoughts on “Transforming the Mask – workshop 

    1. Thank you Jan for tweeting it, I’m not on twitter. I hot the info through for the workshop a couple of years ago but I had a break last year and never ran it, and now seems the right time. Good to hear that you work with it too, we need all hands on deck atm. 😀 Thank you again for sharing. Blessings. Maris xx

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