Are you ‘grown up’ yet?


As children we all have dreams of what we want to do when we are grown up. These change many times over the years as we learn about the world and what we would like to contribute to it. Most of the time we end up doing other things in order to provide for ourselves and our families and the dream gets lost in bills and nappies.

Our childhood dreams, ideals and aspirations may have changed as we grew up, but there will most likely be an underlying theme amongst them all.  

My own all revolved around nurturing, from animals to people.  Even when I worked in non nurturing environments, I would find myself being the shoulder for someone or rescuing an injured animal found on or near the premisses.  I may have abandoned my dreams, but the dream never gave up on me.  There is no doubt of my role here, it may take different forms, change and flow but will always be a nurturing role, helping people to reach their highest and best self.

Maybe you have a dream that will always be remembered and lamented if not achieved?  Do not let doubt or fear of change, lack of self confidence or concern of what others may think, hold you back.

Maybe you need to make other changes in your life to create the energy or space for new opportunities to present themselves? 

For example; If you want to be a fitness coach and you smoke 60 cigarettes a day, or, you would like to teach but are nervous about public speaking. etc.

The power is in your hands and any help you need to break free from the feelings that stop you from realising your dreams, is available to you.

May this powerful short video ignite your passion.


For further information on how we can help we offer a free 20 minute consultation, please contact Maria below.





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