Turkey Tail + Chaga Tincture

New batch of Chaga + Turkey Tail Tincture, ready now.


50ml bottle X 3
£18.00 – including P+P

Turkey Tail Mushroom boosts the Immune and aids the bodies natural defence system to Fight Cancer, while protecting healthy cells during Radiotherapy.   It is Anti tumour, anti-inflammatory and antiviral, in Japan it is commonly used as a cancer treatment

Chaga mushroom is an immune boosting super food. Chaga has been shown to shrink tumours,  helps with stomach diseases, ulcers, intestinal worms, laxative, liver, heart ailments, anti oxidant and breaks down LDL Cholesterol.


A full information leaflet is provided with each bottle.

*not suitable for children, contains alcohol.

Contact me below with any enquiries.


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