The Truth About Cancer

Cancer is not a death sentence…

Maria Wind Talker

Afternoon all. 

If you follow on me on FB you will be aware that  recently I have been pretty wrapped up in watching the online video documentary, ‘The truth about Cancer’.

It was very educational, more so than the one they did a couple of years ago, for me anyway, as it deepened my understanding on the nutrition/herbal side, not only for Cancer.  For me,it pulled the two ends of the circle in Holistic Healing together, Healing Modules and Nutrition.  It makes absolute sense that complete healing can not be achieved by one method or the other alone and must be combined.  I am so grateful that I was guided to do the nutrition course recently, divinely guided, it all fits into place now. :)

I took pages of notes during the series and was going to try and correlate it all in to a handy guide for everyone, especially…

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