The Sacred Hoop

Bear Medicine Wheel of Life

“We cannot all sit on the same side of  the Fire. A Council Fire forms a circle, not a line or a square. When we move to the side, we still sit at the Fire with our Brothers and Sisters, but as we move away from one we move toward another. The circle, like the Dream Hoop, brings us ever back to where we start. Any time words of respect and love are spoken, they will return as given. A harsh word runs forever in the circle, eventually vanishing from the wear against itself. Love settles within the Circle, embracing it and thereby lasting forever, turning within itself. The Medicine Wheel is the circle of life (sometimes referred to as the Scared Hoop) Starting with birth and continuing through out our lifes until death, when we have gone full circle. The Medicine wheel has four Direction, each direction offering it’s own lessons, color, and animal guide. There are to paths shown which cross in the center, at which point for me is the heart. (for when you work from your heart, you can reach all directions.) The path from East to West is the path of spirits, (the Blue Road) the path from South to North is our physical Walk (the Red Road ).

East – beginnings, purity, family, innocence, amazement of Life
South – youth – passions of life, friendships, self-control
West – Adulthood – solitude, stillness, going inside oneself, reflection.
North – Place of the Ancient Ones who have gone over – place of wisdom

Above – Freedom of mind, body, spirit.
Below – Nuturing, Mother, life “

~ Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux 1868-1937


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