Baba Jaga, the Black Shaman

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In Slavic and some Balkan folklore, there are many stories of Baba Yaga, the fearsome one, the one so powerful she see’s the hideousness in others, and this makes it far too intense to look upon her. And she has a nature to match this power, which is closest to mother earth. She is also known to devours Demons with her iron teeth as a Black Shaman and the shadows of others. You see, Religion reversed everything she was, she was one who hunted demons, but religion made her the demon. Now people just accept the fairytale, but those of us who know and remember, we never bought the lies, and we dedicate this story of Baba Yaga as the same story of the Dark Goddess, the Black Shaman, the Black Madonna.

Fiana Sidhe explains: “Baba Yaga is a very misunderstood Goddess. She is not just the stereotypical wicked witch. She often appears…

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