Wolves ARE The True Lords Of Nature!

Howling For Justice

July 6, 2015

It’s important to remember why we need wolves!

This was one of my early posts from the fall of 2009. Wolves were being hunted in Idaho and Montana for the first time since their near extermination in the lower 48.


October 29, 2009

Wolves effect their surroundings and bring life to the lands they inhabit. For sixty years elk browsed the meadows of the North Fork of the Flathead, in Montana. Their adversary, canis lupus, who had chased them through time, was gone, hunted to extinction in the West.

Then the wolf came home to it’s native habitat and dispersed the elk. This brought back the aspen and willow, young shoots no longer trampled under the complacent elk’s hooves. With the aspen came the songbirds and other wildlife.

Once more the circle was complete with the return of the great canine, the wolf.

 “Aspen ecosystems…

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4 thoughts on “Wolves ARE The True Lords Of Nature!

      1. Yes its a Clear Quartz a large one and I have always felt a special connection to wolves and even before I got this crystal oh some 15 yrs ago now.. I had thought as Wolves as my Totem. I had used this crystal as a healing one.. And was showing a friend it one day some years back, she let out a yell as she almost let the crystal fall. saying something seemingly moved within it.. :-) I looked and I then saw the clear Image of a Wolf. On occasions I have seen the image appear to move.. Whether this is a trick of the light I can not say.. but its not just me who can see it.. And I swear I had not seen it prior when buying it.. As I often look deep within crystals for their healing properties.. So Yes it is FAB.. :-D

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      2. The wolf crystal sounds awesome. Funny when stuff like that scares people haha…or am I just mean ;)
        I have a lot of clear quartz too, interestingly, most were gifts, so im guessing its my main one too :) xx


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