Cysts, Bee Stings and Needles.

Since around the age of 17/18 years old I have had seven (7) cysts removed from various parts of my body.

Two on my left arm; Two from my left breast, one on my back and two (technically pollips) on my inner lip, left side. The most recent one only two months ago.

Then today, as I was standing in the Que at the post office, I felt a sting on my right arm!

I automatically scratched it , which created a vortex of ever expanding stingling.


As I was being served it was getting stronger and I wondered if I had been stung by a Bee or Wasp. But looking around there were none to be seen, dead or alive.

Then I had the thought, what if it’s another lump?

I got in the car and rolled my sleeve up gently in case there was a stinger stuck in there.

But there it was, the birth of a new lump!! I could feel it under the skin.

To be honest I was quite in awe of the whole thing really. It wasn’t there twenty minutes earlier when I pulled my shirt on, I would have felt it rub over it.

After a few moments it had grown bigger, making a lump in my skin and the area went red. It is sore to touch still.

The song Ironic comes to mind.
I mean, I have the biggest needle phobia in the world, yet I keep getting presented with opportunitys to face it.

I thought I had with the last op as I pretty much got through it ok and the surgeon went well out of his way to help me through it.

But obviously this test isn’t over lol

In the last three years I have changed my diet a lot to try cut out fatty foods. I eat less meat and more veggies etc thinking that might help.

Oof…it can stay there a while, I’ve been proded and poked enough this year already!

So do you have any thoughts on this? please share.

Tomos I will journey on it.

Maria ❤


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