Healing Hurts (uncut)

Video link here: http://www.fwii.net/video/video/show?id=2429082%3AVideo%3A138593

Filmed in 1989 by the late Choctaw Film Maker, Phil Lucas, Healing the Hurts, started the Fire that ignited the Canadian Residential School Healing Movement. What unfolded at Alkali Lake during those Four Days was not Staged, It HAPPENED AS IT HAPPENED!

This dynamic and heartfelt video was the first to document the devastating impacts of the Native Canadian and Native American Boarding Schools that dramatically shattered Aboriginal cultures, children, families and communities throughout North America. Viewers join Indigenous participants from Canada and the United States, during a four-day, culturally-based, healing process, as it happens, for understanding and recovering from this type of traumatic experience.

For information on how to obtain a copy of the Healing the Hurts Video please visit http://4worlds.org/bookstore or call 1-604-542-8991


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