Drum Keepers


Here are some of the Ancestors that work through my Drum, that I drew recently.

Each one has their own unique healing qualities, tone and healing methods.

At times they work in unisence with each other, depending on the clients soul calling.

The combination of the drum, rattle, toning and song, create a very personalised sound healing.


Sessions can be carried out remotely, in person or via Skype.

Contact me to find out how a Shamanic healing can help you.


Maria Wind Talker


7 thoughts on “Drum Keepers

    1. It might even just be a Mazis’m, words that make sense in my head but are not known in the english language! Tee hee.

      But yes, thats what it means, to me anyway…’Uni Sense’…in harmony with the resonance required to heal that issue. :)

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