Communicating With Animals

Communicating With Animals
Speaking Their Language


We can communicate with all animals, we need only change our vibration and listen.

Animal lovers know that on some level we communicate with our pets, even sometimes creatures in the wild. We often have an intuitive understanding with animals, especially when they are family members. Dogs and many other animals understand very well verbal cues to heel, fetch, sit, but that sort of communication can feel one-sided, as if our pets understand us better than we understand them. For a deeper communication with animals, we have to learn to listen, as well as to speak their language.

Animals communicate with each other, and us, on many different levels. They use a combination of smell, sounds, and body language to express themselves. Most of us know that when a dog stretches his front legs out and lowers his body, it’s an invitation to play. We understand that when cats rub up against our legs, as well as being affectionate they are marking us. We belong to them, as much as they belong to us.

To understand what your pet is trying to tell you, start by observing and noticing what your pet is paying attention to. We know when they go to their food dish that they’re probably hungry or if they go to a door, they probably want out, but there are also other things they want to tell us. We just have to pay attention to understand.

Notice your pet’s facial expressions when you are talking to them. Animals are capable of conveying many emotions. Learn to know when they look happy, sad, bored.

Try talking to your animals non-verbally, as well as with words. Direct a simple question to them in your mind, and then wait quietly and patiently for an answer. Allow the first thing that comes into your mind to be verbalized to you, and then see what your pet’s reaction is. You might be surprised at their facial or verbal answer.

Play with your pet. Animals have a sense of humor and will tell us when we take ourselves too seriously. Talk to your pet about everything, like you would a friend. Have fun with them. Even sing to them.

Allow animals their space. If you sense they don’t feel like talking, leave them alone. They’ll come to you more often, if you respect their need for privacy. Listen and talk to your pets and they’ll listen and talk to you.

by Madisyn Taylor


4 thoughts on “Communicating With Animals

  1. Nice, brief article.

    I only have one, little bone to pick at: I do not like the term “pets”, and would rather consider my animals under my care as my companions. I feel we live together, we share our living space, and we share our companionship as in a family.

    I know you meant nothing of insult with the use of the word “pets”. So, please do not misunderstand me as being a nit-picky jerk, or anything. I believe too many folks think in terms of “property” when they view their relationship to their animals as their “pets”.

    On a much happier note:

    If more folks actually took some personal time to commune with their beloved animals, I believe there would be much more to learn from them. Our animal-companions often have much to share with us, without price, and without hesitation. Most of my animal-companions (and friends) have taught me much. They have also taught me more about being my true Self. It is no wonder that most animals can “see” into the heart of people, that most people do not see in themselves. We, as a kind, were brought up in “society” to be deaf and blind to those things we can not mathematically and scientifically “prove”. – They can not be proven by such simplistic and limiting perceptions such as sterilized “science”. They are more readily proven by personal experience, and truly living life as the Divine Spirits and Helpers intended us to.

    It also should be no surprise that those of us who were born and/or developed our “Heart-Power” (IE: as “Empaths”), are more able to communicate and listen to our animal-friends. I was once told that a Shaman’s greatest asset, especially when communicating, was his/her “Heart-Power”. Those who communicate with only their Mind, often do not get the full meaning, nor do they always communicate effectively. Those who communicate with their Heart AND Mind, will learn greatly, and enjoy communicating with their animal-friends, regardless where he/she may be. Once we become “literate” through the Heart AND Mind, our animal-companions will always be willing to “speak” with us.

    Thank you for a well-written article!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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