Power Animals

I was asked by the organizers of the Beulah festival to write a brief explanation about Power animals, how to find them and what they can help us with.


Power Animal – is a generic term that refers to all creatures, the furred, the winged, the finned and the Crawlers.  Size is no indicator as to the power that they bring.

Some Native American cultures believe that we would not survive childhood without a power animal Ally. They protect us, keep us full of power, enthusiasm and prevent illnesses from entering our energy field.

Do you have a favourite animal since childhood? Or a phobia about one? If so, they are more than likely one of, or your main power animal Ally.

Finding out who your power animal is can be done through the shamanic journey. Power animals are generally found in the lower world and will present themselves four times before re-connecting fully.

We may have several power animals each representing different parts of our self/psyche, with each bringing different elements of power and medicine gifts. We will have a main Ally that is a constant guardian/teacher/healer in our lives and connecting with them is imperative.

Power animals vary from totem animals in that they are a part of our very being, they hold part of our power and will generally remain with us for our lifetime. (If soul loss is present then a power animal will leave with the part)

For a Shaman, no work is conducted without their power animals presence, they add power to their ceremonies and journeys, making them a vital component to the success of their work.

Shamanic Journeys are never undertaken without the presence and protection of their power animal.  To do so is playing with fire, you may get stuck in that realm or come across trickster spirits, or worse.

Totem animals show up in the 3D world to bring us a message regarding a current situation or thought process.  I see them a little bit like my daily affirmations, a quick reminder of the truth within.  They can also be part of your power animal team, so pay extra careful attention to their daily message.

For anyone serious about working with their power/totem animals and pursuing the red road further then I highly recommend Ted Andrews – Animal Speak. 

It is my most used book :)

We offer journey groups where you can safely learn to connect with your power animals and develop a deeper understanding of the path.  We also offer a power animal retrieval for anyone who may have lost their Ally and their personal power with it.

Contact Maria for further information.


Mitakuye Oyasin


Maria Wind Talker.

Tel: 99263626



13 thoughts on “Power Animals

  1. I have a copy of Ted Andrew’s “Animal Speak”.

    I absolutely LOVED it, and find it a good companion read with Timothy Rodderick’s “The Once Unknown Familiar”.

    Looking to get my hands on another deck of the Animal Oracle Cards (33 in all). These were beautiful and very powerful oracle cards.

    Right now,

    Wolf speaks to me loudest. I anticipate a day when I will be able to actually travel alongside a real wolf.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I seriously doubt I will be able to do any more world-traveling. Sounds like it would be quite a sight.

        Maybe, someday, I will have the opportunity to share my life with a Wolf, and share in the experiences of traveling alongside something of a kindred spirit. The Wolf has been a constant vigilance over my lifetime.


      1. You’re welcome. I had at least three. A praying mantis, a frog an a Black Jaguar, then recently a brown bear joined the team at the beginning of spring. A reference to great awakening!

        Liked by 1 person

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