Sacred Sites & the Ley of the Land

The Awakening

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During the Golden age of Atlantis, there was a system of energetic lines, called leys, which was used to create a labyrinth of tunnels for purposes, such as communication and transport. The Atlanteans made use of these ley lines as energy highways.[i] The Native American peoples refer to this network as the web of the ‘spider woman’. It’s part of the Earth grid.

Energy Grid Star of David, Devil’s Bridge, Sedona, Arizona

Each ley line drops from the surface of the Earth to a depth of 265 ft. At that point, it makes a perfect 90 degree turn, and then travels in a continual spiral.

This Standing Columnar Wave energy pattern maintains that precise depth, and then makes another 90 degree turn and comes back up to the surface.[ii]

After the Fall of Man, this…

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