Dreams and Visions.

Maria Wind Talker

The last few months have been trying not only for me but for many others too.  Personally I know that I have been going through some ‘fine tuning’ lets say, which is never a painless process and generally gives me severe migraines, buzzing in my ears/head and lots of CBA time.  Ive had some pretty messed up dreams as you know and on top of that Ive had severe toothache too.

So over the past few weeks I have been kind of anticipating some kind of vision or aha moment sooner or later. New Years Eve, I was in a lot of pain with my tooth so I passed up the party invites and settled down under the duvet with a film and a cocktail of co-codomol and Olive leaf tincture.

The film didn’t really grab me but a friend wanted me to watch it and feedback to her as…

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