The Spirit Animal

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spirit animalsThe Underworld is the medium by which all spiritual energy interracts, like a web or network that underlies and transcends the physical world. Travelling a world composed of raw, native energy can be a risky business.  Not every nature spirit is particularly impressed with humans, and some of them are just plain wild.  There are, of course, also spirits which are essentially evil, or at the very best hostile.  In our everyday lives, our spirit is protected from those unfriendly energies by the simple fact that it’s contained within our physical body, but when we make a shamanic journey – an out of body journey – that protection is gone.

Fortunately, there are also helpful spiritual energies.  These energies are of a more complex nature, perhaps more complex than ourselves, and are possibly extremely old.  For whatever reason, they have chosen to act as protectors and guides to those who…

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