Sound Waves

Maria Wind Talker

nikola tesla - key to the universe

As some of you know with my busy life the only time that I generally get to Meditate these days is at bathtime. My bath has become more about ME time than getting clean time.

One of my practices is ‘Sound Bath Healing – Chanting’. It is somethig that I have done since childhood and re-intergrated it again a couple of years ago, bringing it into my health regime. It is a powerful tool for transformation, you can try it for yourself here:


Tonight when I added the OM sound to it, it moved to another level, blew my mind at first.  It is not the first time that I have added the OM, so not sure if it was that, that made the difference but whatever has opened this doorway, I THANK YOU <3

As I was Chanting HU I could see the energy/sound waves expanding out in…

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