Magpies Message


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April 5th 2013

On Wednesday I had an EFT session with my beautiful and gifted friend Jo Kenworthy.  Jo helped me to remember how certain patterns flow and helped me see things in a new light. Since Wednesday I have been working on things as they arise, either internally or combined with physical tapping when I can and have noticed a shift from dealing with the feminine aspect of self to the Male since yesterday.

Today while walking my dog, we were greeted by a pair of Magpies, seconds after getting on the trail.  They sang to us as they swooped down so close in front of us and put on a mini display, making sure they were noticed.

As we made our way to the woods, they appeared again, singing loudly as if to say, are you listening??

So I made my way to the fallen tree where I sit when making video’s and went within to Listen to the Magpies message.

He reminded me of the powers within, of events, transformations, healings and the magic that I have brought to myself and others lives, so far. He took me to a time when I stood fully in my power, when thoughts would manifest almost instantly and those that tried to hold me down, fell by their own hand and those that helped, grew wings to fly.  That by telling myself, ‘Im not this enough or that yet to be in my power’, is not serving me or humanity.

He reminded me that the majesty of a tree grew from the dark and against the fight towards the light, by its fellow community of trees. It stood strong, grew tall and in its plight helped to created a safe, loving place for all creatures who passed its way.

He reminded of a conversation with Jo regarding my Hero’s Journey and how its time to step back, become the student for a while and become master of my chosen path. To recognise the patterns of this cycle for what they are and not to berate myself over false illusions of programmed ideas.

He said that the next 2 months are very important for my development, starting from today.

I thanked Magpie for his message and headed home, picking up 2 feathers which I said a thank you prayer to and let go in the wind.

Got home and the sun was shining after a while, so I went outside and 2 magpies were sat on roof over the Rd, they swooped down to the tree singing out loud and sat there watching me.

Reminding me to type this up and embed it in my mind! lol


Heres some info I found on Magpie after I typed this out!!

The Magpie Totem

Magpie:Intelligence, Familiars, Occult Knowledge

A Magpie totem helps you use whatever metaphysical or occult knowledge you have – no matter how incomplete it may be. The flip side is that Magpie people can become jacks of all trades, but masters of none – dabbling into everything. Be careful to apply your intelligence to the task and take it to its completion. Magpies have the ability to open up the doorways to the Spirit and Fairy Realms. Magpies have been familiars and if you have one as a totem, it might have been your familiar in a past life. If this is the case, Magpie will be at your side permanently, helping you as it did in the past.

Magpie teaches proper use of knowledge that is about to be revealed. He will present opportunities to illuminate what is hidden and the intelligence to discern and incorporate what you already know. Perceptions and old ways of thinking will be tested as you become more self-aware. Magpie will help with the transition of understanding so you can break free from those illusions. He instructs when to move at a steady pace and when to rest between endeavors. He indicates a time of heightened creativity and inspiration that expands outward to aid others. Is it time to do that writing you have been neglecting? Magpie will help you find your voice. Trust your senses! He teaches balance and timing of speaking of one’s mind along with balancing lessons of light and dark. He will aid in recognizing and understanding such polarities. Magpie teaches maneuverability, taking opportunities and chances, the ability to forage for truths. Magpie medicine indicates seizing opportunities when they arise so trust your intuition, grasp the meaning and the moment. Be conscious of synchronicities and inquisitive of nature’s magical mysteries for new knowledge is available. He demonstrates the properties of high intelligence, complex social/family/home connections, relationships, communication and the ability to multi-task in short bursts. Magpie’s lesson occurs in three stages; preparation and building time about 45 days, the next stage last four weeks and the final stage over 2 months. Incorporating new knowledge takes time. The colour of Magpie will aid more in understanding its lesson, whether it is black/white or blue/green.

Mitakuye Oyasin


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