Crow’s Message

Crow’s Message

* Shared from my blog

I just got back from my walk with Loui and had an interesting conversation with a Crow, who I took a pic of.   He sat there for a good 10-15 mins while I took pics and spoke to him (Telepathetically) ;)

I asked him what his message was if any today and after a while of,  ’No Think Ness’,  a recent conversation with a friend came to mind. Paraphrasing here but regarding her relationship, she said something like; ‘There are more bad times than good’.

Which got me thinking about the seeds we plant without realizing especially when we are caught up in the ‘Emotion of the Moment’…And how quickly things manifest when fuelled with ‘Focused Emotion’.

I then looked at my own past history with relationships and saw the patterns on how our minds and the universe work together to bring us what we put our attention to and how powerful they are when we add Feelings to the mix.

The first time we ever make a statement about, well, anything, we plant a seed, our subconscious then has a record, a data cookie if you like and every time we make that statement the seed is fed and so will grow into a plant above the surface where it is now manifest and a visible result, the more you feed it the faster its growth. Or like the cookie ‘the page your looking at’ loads much faster.

So regarding relationships, once the ball is set in motion it gathers speed, each time an issue appears and raises this ‘emotion’ and the thought cycle follows the same path, its like reeling in an anchor that will undoubtedly end the time shared within the sea of love.

So in essence, the first time we foresee a problem change the focus from ’FEAR to CHEER’.

Focus on the love and happiness, look for positive, healthy solutions to the issue and most importantly look to yourself, what your part in the problem is and how you can change it.

Remember, Ripples, Mirrors and being the change we wish to see.

Thank you Crow.

Mitakuye Oyasin. ♥



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