The Owl’s Call


To some the Owl is something to be feared, they feel it brings darkness and death. To me it represents Wisdom, Silence, Magic, True Sight, Solitude, Enlightenment, Secrets understood, Change, Dream walk, Feminine, Intuition, Stealth, Mystery and Insight. I have been close with Owls sine I was sixteen and came across a wounded Snow Owl that allowed me to pick him up and care for him. I have had the Great Horned Owls land and stay within 10 feet of me and share her secrets and feel safe enough to continue to bring her young to the land I lived on to hunt and thrive.

They represent times of transition to me, bringing wisdom’s from the Ancestors to my door and sharing them. One of the greatest exchanges they had with me is when I held my Mother as she transitioned to the next part of her journey and the Owl carried her soul through the barriers of time to no time.

So when you see, hear or walk in dreamtime with Owl…stop and listen to the message shared. You will be well advised to listen to the knowledge they share. Consider yourself privileged when they do…for they hold the ancient wisdom;s of the ancestor’s as they were entrusted to be the Keeper’s of knowledge and share as they are instructed to do.

The Owl’s Call…

Within the night the answers lie…
As you wait secluded and safe among the pack.

The Owl lets out its soulful cry…
Calling to us, bringing us back.

Home we come to a place in time…
Yet is a place that no time will pass.

The hearts resonate harmonious and strong …
An imprinting that is seen at last.

Now, remember I am always near…
for our time has come.

So release the fear…
Knowing You are finally found.

And listen from within…
As the Owl calls us home with its ageless sound.

~ bear Medicinewalker


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